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Mary Kay's 60th Anniversary Reforestation Initiative with Arbor Day Foundation


In the year of its 60th anniversary, Mary Kay has launched an ambitious reforestation plan for 2023, in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation. This marks a milestone in Mary Kay’s 15-year journey of dedication to environmental and community impact.
The reforestation efforts for this year are spread across various continents:
  • United States: Georgia will see the planting of 80,000 trees in an effort to restore its unique ecosystems and halt the decline of the longleaf pine. In addition, the Lassen National Forest in California will be home to 12,000 new trees, contributing to recovery from the 2021 Dixie Fire.
  • Mexico: The Cerro Pelon Butterfly Sanctuary in Mexico will be enriched with 4,000 new trees, aimed at mitigating climate change effects and supporting the endangered monarch butterfly.
  • Spain: In northern Spain, 4,000 trees will be added to the picturesque hills of Belorado, enhancing resilience against wildfires and benefiting the local community.
The collaboration between Mary Kay and the Arbor Day Foundation has led to innovative and impactful initiatives. A notable project from 2008 involved planting a tree for each recycled cosmetic compact. Thanks to the commitment of Independent Beauty Consultants, customers, and Mary Kay employees, this initiative exceeded its target. In subsequent years, Nature Explore Classrooms were established, offering comfort and a connection to nature for those residing in domestic violence shelters.
From 2013 onwards, Mary Kay extended its support to reforestation projects globally, from the US to Madagascar. By 2018, the company had planted its one-millionth tree during the opening of the new Richard R. Rogers Manufacturing/R&D facility in Texas.
With over 1.3 million trees planted to date, Mary Kay’s commitment continues. The company plans to plant an additional 100,000 trees this year alone, further solidifying its dedication to our planet and its communities.