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Mars Bars In A Deal With Total Eren To Go ‘Carbon Neutral’ In Australia


A contract agreement between Mars Bars & Total Eren requires the former to erase its 100% carbon footprint generated by its energy consumption.

Dailycsr.com – 18 June 2018 – Following a twenty years deal between Mars Bars and Australia, the former would move towards achieving the status of “carbon neutral”. Under the said deal, Mars Bars will be generating 100% renewable electricity by 2020, reports Ben Chapman.
Furthermore, Mars is also a manufacturer of “Pedigree dog food and M&Ms”, whereby the company informed that its “Australian subsidiary” to enter in a deal with the “energy company”, Total Eren. This deal will see both the companies building a “solar plant in Victoria”, the completion aim for the same has been set to “mid-2019”.
The manufacturer of confectionery has also plans of being a facilitator for Total Eren’s “second renewable project” which is to take place in New South Wales. The agreement deal states that Mars will be provide electricity but it will not directly take the energy from the solar farm. While Chapman added:
“Instead, it underwrites the expansion of the solar project, receiving energy certificates of equivalent value in return”.
In fact, the company reported the above mentioned measures will be an effective way to offset the carbon footprint generated by “Mars' six Australian factories and two sales offices” from their electricity use. For further details on the deal, click on the link provided below: