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Managing Waste Responsibly In The Southern Most City Of The World


Making responsible choices to help in responsible waste management amid extreme conditions.

Dailycsr.com – 29 October 2020 – In Argentina’s “Tierra del Fuego Province” one can find the “municipality of Ushuaia” located at the “very tip of the South America”.
The above-mentioned stretch of land experiences some extreme conditions. Being the southern-most city of the world, it houses nearly “57,000 people”, according to the census data of 2010. It is in these extreme conditions that the first step taken by CNH Industrial is the responsible waste management.
Taking this responsibility on, one of the brands of CNH Industrial, New Holland Construction, a construction equipment brand, stepped into action. As a result, it started to work on the local landfill, whereby with the help of “E385C EVO crawler excavator” “essential excavation and soil movement activities” are being carried out in an attempt to minimise the impact of waste. The excavator had been selected based on its particular “soil friendly” operation feature.