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Manage Your Energy Bills Efficiently: Payment Plans, Usage Alerts, and More!


When the Tampa Bay Rays emerge victorious this season, it's not just a win for the team, but also for the people of Florida. Duke Energy pledges to contribute $1,000 to its Share the Light Fund for each regular-season game the Rays conquer. This fund serves as a vital lifeline for Floridians struggling to cover utility expenses like electricity, gas, oil, or wood.
The Share the Light Fund operates as a customer assistance initiative, supported by contributions from Duke Energy employees, retirees, customers, and shareholders. Additionally, the Duke Energy Foundation matches these donations dollar for dollar, up to $500,000. Melissa Seixas, Duke Energy Florida's state president, emphasizes the significance of this collaborative effort in aiding families and individuals in need, especially during challenging times.
Every month, the funds collected are distributed to various United Way chapters and social service agencies across Florida, catering to Duke Energy customers based on their specific needs. Last year alone, approximately $1.2 million was allocated to assist qualifying Florida residents with their energy bills through the Share the Light Fund.
Furthermore, Duke Energy offers a range of programs and resources to empower customers in managing their energy consumption effectively and saving money. These initiatives include:
  • Free Home Assessment: Explore opportunities to reduce energy usage in your home, access rebates, and receive free energy-saving products.
  • EnergyWise® Home: Earn up to $141 in annual bill credits while contributing to community-wide energy conservation efforts during peak demand periods.
  • Budget Billing: Simplify your budgeting process with predictable monthly bills, regardless of fluctuations in energy usage or weather conditions.
By leveraging these programs, Duke Energy customers can take control of their energy expenditures while contributing to a more sustainable energy future for Florida.
Flexible Payment Plans: Spread out your outstanding balances across extended periods, providing eligible customers with the option for more manageable repayment schedules. Discover the available choices at duke-energy.com/MoreTime.
Usage Notifications: Take charge of your electricity usage and expenditure with usage alerts. If you have a smart meter or provided a mobile phone or email address, you'll automatically receive notifications indicating your electricity consumption and associated costs, allowing you time to adjust accordingly. Find out more at duke-energy.com/UsageAlerts.
Customized Due Dates: Tailor your energy bill due dates to your preferences with Pick Your Due Date. Select the specific date each month that suits you best. Learn about this option at duke-energy.com/PYDD.
Due Date Extension: If you anticipate missing your payment deadline, consider the Due Date Extension option. Extend your due date by up to 10 business days to avoid late fees. Explore further details at duke-energy.com/ExtendDueDate.
Weatherization Assistance: Designed for income-eligible customers, this program aims to reduce energy consumption and expenses by implementing energy-saving measures in qualifying homes. Available to both single-family and multifamily units, including renters with owner approval, eligibility is determined through an assessment by the weatherization office. Learn more at duke-energy.com/Weatherization.
Financial Support: Certain customers may qualify for financial assistance through various government and nonprofit programs, aiding with utility bills and other household expenses. Discover more at duke-energy.com/SpecialAssistance.

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