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Maintaining A Low Price Profile Pushes Back Building Code Proposals


America may implement building codes that do not push for strong buildings.

Dailycsr.com – 28 July 2016 – Christopher Flavelle is a writer of Bloomberg, who looked behind the scenes, into the machinations process of “updating America’s building codes”. Likewise, Flavelle finds out the reason which caused only six percent of the proposals related to the strengthening of “building codes” were passed by the “April committee ICC code hearings”.
The reason thus presented is that:
“The NAHB ‘enjoys far more influence’ on the committees that recommend changes to the 2015 ICC codes. While the ICC members all get a vote on the code changes, they tend to follow committee recommendations”.
Flavelle approached the NAHB enquiring about the pushing back the “code proposals” which recommends building houses in a stronger manner. In response, the NAHB highlighted the need and the importance of maintaining a low price range which in turn would help to attract the potential buyers. The President of Green Builder Media, Ron Jones, who is also a board member in NAHB from the 1990s, informed:
“They will invariably hide behind the skirts of what’s called affordability. What that really means is profitability. To represent themselves as the protector of the American home buyer is pure hypocrisy.”
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