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MPTS To Reduce Power Consumption By Nearly Forty Percent


The technology of MPTS proves to be an efficient power consumption manager which reduces forty percent of electricity requirements besides its other benefits.

Dailycsr.com – 02 October 2015 – The “Maximum Power Transfer Solution” technology or in short MPTS can bring down the power consumption by “20% to 40%”. There are a number of organisation who have availed of the said technology, whereby the initial buyers are:
“U.S. Air Force, Cheyenne Mountain-NORAD, Clorox, Underwriter Laboratory (UL), and Kaiser Permanente Hospital (Colorado)”.
Once the MPTS is connected to an “electrical network”, the system will provide “Conditioned Power” that is cool and clean; the same will be delivered to every device that is connected to the network according to their needs. Likewise, the devices receiving clean electricity are able to “operate at cooler temperatures”.
When devices are operated comparatively at a cooler temperature, the life span of the “expensive electrical equipment” gets extended. In fact, twenty percent energy consumption rate comes down as MPTS “reduces power requirements” while increasing “the useful life of connected devices by up to 20%”. Furthermore, the carbon footprint figures also come down.
The TransPower Company is the one who had the vision of MPTS technology and in turned pursued the ideas to turn the same into reality. So far, twenty eight countries have patented MPTS, while Trans Power signed an agreement with the Amici Enterprises whereby the latter “is responsible for marketing and sales of the MPTS technology”. According the explanation provided by Amici Enterprises’ C.E.O, Joshua Macciello:
“The MPTS technology samples all of the operating parameters of an electrical network 20,000 times a second. Based on detected data, appropriate adjustments are made virtually real-time. No other power technology provides equivalent performance.”
However, BusinessWire informs that if one makes an investment of “$200,000” in the equipments of “Amici TransPower MPTS”, the return figures of savings in each “eighteen months” of total cost-savings will show as “$100,000 to $200,000”. The vice president of “Corporate Service Group, Northern Trust”, William Lewis:
“I’ve been mesmerized by their MPTS technology. To prove the claims made about this technology, I decided to do my own independent research about it. After scrutinizing it, I am completely amazed at what MPTS can do for all businesses, not just for Facility Managers, and in how many ways this technology promotes sustainability.”
While, the Colorado’s Aurora Mental Health Centers’s technology and operation’s direct, George Gielow commented:
“Every year due to power outages or surges we would have compressor failures that would dip into our emergency funds for repairs or replacements at a cost of $10,000 or more each time. With the MPTS units in place we have not lost a single compressor.”
Nevertheless, BusinessWire informs that:
“Amici Enterprises LLC is an innovative and revolutionary company that is comprised of forward thinking individuals who have expertise in technology, manufacturing and distribution. The company’s goal is to introduce the world to products that help the environment and help assure the economic vitality of commercial enterprises and the communities they serve”.