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MGM Resorts International Becomes Dress for Success Southern Nevada’s ‘Boutique Annual Sponsor For 2016’


MGM Resorts International helps Dress for Success Southern Nevada to reach out to more women by expanding their physical facilities.

Dailycsr.com – 30 August 2016 – Dress for Success Southern Nevada is a non-profit that works for women empowerment by providing “gently used professional clothing and career counseling services”.
The same is attempt to make women economically independent, whereby the non-profit has celebrated its “partnership with MGM Resorts International”, named “a boutique annual sponsor for 2016”. Moreover, hospitality-company and global entertainment based out of Nevada, gave a “$10,000” donation to “Dress for Success Southern Nevada” for maintaining and expanding at the same time the non-profit’s boutique so as to reach out to more Souther Nevada’s women.
In the “Dress for Success Southern Nevada boutique”, women get groomed to take the “next steps” in their journey to create their career. The boutique houses the “fashion showroom” along with giving “one-on-one styling for their free interview outfit”, while it also proves to be the career centre, “storage space and offices”. The MGM Resorts International’s sponsorship allowed “Dress for Success Southern Nevada” to expand physical space which also included “warehouse and meeting space”, adjacent to “current boutique”.
In the words of the Executive Director at Dress for Success Southern Nevada, Paula Lawrence:
“We are so grateful for the generous financial donation made by MGM Resorts International and for their ongoing commitment to bettering our local community. The boutique is more than just a space to showcase our beautiful collection of donated clothing, shoes and accessories; it’s also home to our one-on-one styling and suiting sessions, programs and services that inspire our clients and give them the boost of confidence they need. Through this partnership, MGM Resorts International will help us maintain our space to accommodate more suitings as well as increased space for storage of career-appropriate necessities, and enable us to run our operations more efficiently. It’s important that the boutique offers a warm, positive and clutter-free environment and we thank MGM Resorts International for supporting us to do just that and more.”
While, the Vice President of “National Diversity Relations” at MGM Resorts International, Tony Gladney, added:
“We’re so proud to support this incredible organization. The mission of Dress for Success Southern Nevada is one that our employees and company leaders strongly believe in. Helping women make a new start in the workforce is something that generates tremendous benefits not only for the individual but for our community as a whole.”