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MARTINI achieves landmark sustainability certification from Equalitas


Every drop of grape juice used in the production of MARTINI vermouth and sparkling wines, have been certified as being sourced from wineries that meets the Equalitas’ standards.

After decades of following pioneering sustainable practices, MARTINI, the world number one Italian sparkling winemaker Bacardi, has reached a sustainability milestone: 100% of the wineries for the entire MARTINI portfolio has now been certified sustainable.

“Every drop of grape juice used in the production of MARTINI vermouth and sparkling wines, including MARTINI Fiero and the new MARTINI Non-Alcoholic Aperitivo range, is now sourced from wineries certified according to the standard set by Equalitas, the most comprehensive sustainability standard in Italian wine making”, said MARTINI Master Blender Beppe Musso.

While earlier the sugarcane for BACARDÍ® rum and its 10 botanicals for BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® had already achieved the 100% milestone, the development marks a major step towards Bacardi achieving its 2025 goal of sourcing all of its key ingredients from sustainably certified suppliers.

“It takes a lot of years and a lot of dedication to achieve a milestone like this one,” said Musso. “For generations, we have cared for the environment, for our suppliers and for their communities. This certification by Equalitas recognizes the value of those relationships and the value of pioneering sustainable practices.”

Established 160 years, for decades MARTINI has pioneered and practised doing the right thing for the environment. In 1987, it established L'Osservatorio MARTINI in Northern Italy as a center dedicated to promoting sustainable farming methods. Initially, this catered to its wines portfolio and more recently it applied it to the many botanical ingredients that are used to craft its iconic vermouths and non-alcoholic aperitivo range.

“The scale of what MARTINI has achieved is a first in the Italian wine industry. Equalitas certification is a rigorous process that doesn’t happen overnight so for MARTINI to achieve it across 100% of its wineries is extraordinary,” said Stefano Stefanucci, Director of Equalitas.

Equalitas works with third-party auditors who are experts and have a deep knowledge of the wine sector and the certification process is wholly holistic.

Equalitas embraces three sustainability pillars – environmental, ethical and economical – and takes into consideration everything from a winery’s carbon footprint and water consumption through to fair commercial terms for farmers and good social practices including training and welfare.

“The care we place on the sourcing of every ingredient is reflected in the quality and taste of every drop of MARTINI. That’s as true for our classic vermouths and sparkling wines as it is for our newest innovation, the fantastic MARTINI Non-Alcoholic Aperitivo range. We are ready to celebrate the 160th anniversary of this iconic brand in style!”, said Victoria Morris, MARTINI’s Global VP.