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Londoners To Breathe Cleaned Air At Central Bus Stops


The Body Shop has introduced air cleaning systems in the most congested areas of central London for preventing people from “harmful exposure”.

Dailycsr.com – 20 July 2017 – The Londoners will perceive a change in the air around the “central London bus stops” trio, reported Antonio Pasolini. The said result is the initiative of installing “air cleaning technology” at the above mentioned bus stops for removing “harmful” air pollutants like “nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter”.
The system thus installed is named Airlabs which will feature in “three high profile and highly polluted” locations at “central London”. In order to execute the project The Body Shop collaborated with “Maxus and Airlabs”. While, Pasolini added:
“The Body Shop will incorporate the cleaning units into its brand advertising at the sites in New Oxford Street, Tottenham Court Road and High Holborn”.
The system has been claimed to remove 95% of air pollutant leaving the air that much “cleaner”. Therefore, people standing at these stations will be inhaling better quality of air for these spots of London are known for getting “very congested” while some even “exceed legal limits of NO2”, reveals the research carried out by AirLabs.
There is a filtration system in the Airlabs which traps “harmful particles” like NO2, before they are exposed to harm people around. According to the estimates the clean air produced by Airlabs could “could fill more than 80 buses” on a daily basis. In the words of the Co-founder as well as the Chief Executive Officer of Airlabs, Sophie Power:
“Currently, 3.8 million people, 44 percent of the city’s working population, work in parts of London which are above the legal limits for NO2. It is vital that more is done to address this issue, and it is our view that by working with the government and other key stakeholders a viable solution can be developed to provide better quality air for the city’s population. We believe this project will showcase the role our technology can play in reducing the levels of exposure the city’s population is being exposed to”.