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London’s Transportation Services Just Got A Green Boost


The Transport for London launched emission free bus services that run on electricity.

Dailycsr.com – 12 April 2016 – Antonio Pasolini reports that the transport network of London has launched the “zero-emission versions of the iconic double-decker buses, whereby turning towards greener activities.
The transport for London, in short TFL, presented the “all-electric model” of double-decker bus at “special ceremony” which took place in the City Hall of London wherein Environment and Energy’s Deputy Mayor, Matthew Pencharz was present to officially receive the “first bus from the manufacturer”.
Five such buses will be running in the roads of London each of which are over thirty three feet long and comes with air condition facility. The said buses have the capacity for fifty four seated passengers along with an additional twenty seven “standing passengers”. BYD has been the brain behind the designing and the development of these buses to match the specifications given by TFL; BYD turns out to be the “largest electric vehicle manufacturer”.
The new buses sport “iron-phosphate batteries” which deliver “345 kWh of power”. Likewise, the vehicles can be on the go for over twenty four hours and can accelerate maximum to “190 miles of typical urban driving on the service routes”. For running one single day, the vehicles need to charge only for four hours. TFL plans to benefit from the “off-peak electricity rates” by charging the buses overnight.
As per Pencharz’s press statement:
“It’s a very exciting moment that this is happening here. The running costs are much lower and some of the maintenance and operations costs are much lower on the buses. Also, these are zero-emission, zero-tailpipe-pollution and that is a huge benefit for Londoners.”