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Logitech’s Carbon Transparency Initiative: Pioneering Eco-Friendly Product Labeling


Carbon footprint awareness is akin to calorie counting — it’s essential for everyone to be cognizant of their environmental consumption. Logitech is championing this cause by fostering transparency and accountability, which in turn guides smarter design choices within its teams and enables consumers to make more educated buying decisions.

Pledge for Carbon Transparency 
Logitech has reportedly taken the lead with a pioneering initiative in the industry, the Carbon Transparency pledge. This commitment involves the introduction of a Carbon Impact Label on all product packaging throughout Logitech’s full range of products.

These Carbon Impact Labels, reminiscent of food nutrition labels, offer buyers the ability to consider the environmental cost of their purchases, thus promoting more environmentally conscious decisions. The labels also commit Logitech to continual efforts in reducing the carbon footprint of its products, aligning with sustainable design and climate action promises.
In 2021, Logitech G’s gaming line introduced these Carbon Impact Labels and unveiled the Carbon Transparency website, offering deeper insights for consumer education. By 2025, Logitech aims to extend these labels to all product packaging and online descriptions across its entire catalog.

Logitech is extending an invitation to other corporations to contribute to this positive shift by embracing complete openness regarding the carbon footprint of electronic goods. Logitech is prepared to share its best practice methodology, developed without any royalty fees, to amplify the effect of ongoing research and innovation. This sharing of knowledge and experience is intended to inspire and support others in their pursuit of Carbon Transparency. To further this goal, Logitech hosted a webinar for 16 organizations, detailing their strategy.

Through the disclosure of our products’ carbon impact, we are engaging and cooperating with our customers to forge a better future. Just as with calories, it’s imperative that we understand our carbon consumption.
Prakash Arunkundrum, the Chief Operating Officer, reports on the advancements made over the past year. Logitech has collaborated with the iPoint Group, an independent third-party authority, to establish a Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) methodology that aligns with the ISO 14067 and ISO 14044 standards for best practices. Each product’s PCF analysis is also subject to an independent critical assessment by DEKRA. Logitech discloses the calculation process and additional details on their Carbon Clarity webpage and encourages other companies to embrace this transparent approach. As of March 2023, 42% of Logitech’s products have been evaluated for their Product Carbon Footprint.

The rollout of Carbon Impact Labels is ongoing, with a focus on product lines and categories that have significant volume and carbon usage. Logitech is progressing towards its 2025 goal, acknowledging that their methods will adapt as they begin to include a broader array of lower-volume product lines.

March 2023 Milestone: 42% of Logitech Products Have a Product Carbon Footprint 2025 Objective: Carbon Impact Label on All Products by 2025

Carbon awareness is crucial — consumers hold the key to shaping the future
Robert O’Mahony, the Head of Sustainability, introduces the labels. Logitech has started incorporating Carbon Impact Labels on their packaging and website. Currently, there are two types of labels, both of which assert ‘Certified Carbon Neutral’ due to Logitech’s efforts to offset emissions across the company and its product range. Products with a numerical label have been meticulously analyzed to calculate the total carbon emissions from production, transportation, usage, and disposal. The goal is to apply a Carbon Impact Label to every product eventually.
  1. The Carbon Neutral Label: Emphasizes Logitech’s action to neutralize carbon emissions throughout the company and its entire product line.
  2. The Carbon Impact Label: Indicates the comprehensive carbon emissions associated with a product’s lifecycle.
Logitech’s Dedication to Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) Logitech’s commitment to life-cycle assessment predates the Carbon Clarity initiative. Sustainable design involves considering the environmental and social impacts from the extraction of raw materials to the product’s end-of-life. These insights are vital for informing sustainable design at both the product and supply chain levels, thereby reinforcing sustainability pledges. The labeling initiative builds upon this foundation, engaging consumers in Logitech’s sustainability journey.