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Leveraging ‘Hasbro Brands As A Catalyst For Good’


“Playing with Purpose” reflects commitment, opportunity, responsibility and performance of Hasbro across its prioritised multi categories.

Dailycsr.com – 05 January 2018 – Hasbro, Inc. made an announcement to reveal the release of the company’s “2016 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report” under the name “Playing with Purpose”.
The said report consists of a “comprehensive guide” to the progress made by Hasbro in its CSR field across the year of 2016. The prioritised area for Hasbro’s work has been “Product Safety, Environmental Sustainability, Human Rights and Ethical Sourcing, and Diversity and Inclusion”, amongst other areas.
In the words of Hasbro’s chairman and chief executive officer, Brian Goldner:
“Our deep commitment to CSR reflects our desire to help build a safe, sustainable world for future generations. We measure success not only by our results, but also by how we achieve those results. Through play and responsible business, we are fulfilling our purpose to make the world a better place for children and their families.”
Furthermore, Ethical Performance has provided a list of highlights from the report. Here is a list of highlights under various topics, as mentioned by Ethical Performance.
“Product Safety
  • “We never lose sight of the fact that product safety is essential to upholding our consumer’s trust and expectations.
  • “Hasbro had zero consumer product recalls in 2016, extending our track record to nearly a decade without a recall.
“Environmental Sustainability”
  • “We are passionate about protecting our planet and conserving its natural resources for future generations. We are working hard to reduce our environmental footprint.
  • “In 2016, we launched our Sustainability Center of Excellence to pursue innovative ways to make our products and packaging, supply-chain practices and operations even more sustainable.
  • “Hasbro achieved 100 percent renewable energy use and carbon neutrality across our owned and operated operations in the U.S. for the second consecutive year.
  • “Achieved LEED® Silver tenant improvement certification, awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council in 2017, for our newly renovated facility in Burbank, CA.
  • “Hasbro was ranked No. 1 in Newsweek’s 2016 Green Rankingsof the 500 largest publicly-traded U.S. companies.
“Human Rights and Ethical Sourcing”
  • “Treating people with dignity and respect and operating ethically are core values at Hasbro. We demonstrate these deep beliefs in the way we treat our employees and in the expectations and requirements we have of those with whom we do business.
  • “In 2016, we enhanced our ethical sourcing program and became the first play and entertainment company to join the Responsible Business Alliance, a leading multi-sector social compliance initiative dedicated to working to improve efficiency and social, ethical and environmental performance in the global supply chain.
“Diversity and Inclusion”
  • “At Hasbro, we believe that supporting all people and promoting inclusion across our business and society makes the world a better place for all. We believe in the power of our brands to do good.
  • “In 2016, we added three new directors, including two women, and as of October 2017 we have a total of five female directors (42 percent) on our 12-member board.
  • “We ranked among the “Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality” by the Human Rights Campaign with a 100 percent score on its Corporate Equality Index.
  • “We continue to evolve our marketing to be more inclusive and to reflect the true diversity and differing interests of our consumer base. We are expanding our efforts to include more dual-gender marketing campaigns and products that reflect the modern family.
  • “As an example of how our brands are embracing inclusivity, we continue to offer more diversity across our BABY ALIVE doll line, and in 2017, added a switch for new BABY ALIVE speaking dolls which allows them to say “mommy” or “daddy.”
“Philanthropy and Social Impact”
  • “We stand up for children, passionately working together to create a universe where every child experiences hope, kindness and joy.
  • “Through grantmaking and strategic philanthropic partnerships, product donations and employee volunteering, we made a positive and lasting impact on more than 3.8 million children and families worldwide. Financial and product contributions exceeded $14 million, and 93 percent of Hasbro employees engaged in volunteer service in 2016.
  • “We launched Hasbro’s largest philanthropic initiative to date, BE FEARLESS BE KIND, aimed at developing compassion and empathy in children with a call to action to standup, include everyone and make a difference.
  • “We were once again named one of the Most Community Minded Companies in America by the Civic 50”.
Under the area of “Philanthropy and Social Impact”, Hasbro also enumerated its “track record” on CSR performance and leadership, while charting of the future ambitious goals, include:
  • “Achieve 100 percent renewable energy use and carbon neutrality globally in 2017.
  • “Audit 100 percent of our (Hasbro’s) third-party factories annually through Hasbro’s ethical sourcing program and partner with vendors for remediation”.
Moreover, enumerating Hasbro’s 2025 goals, Ethical Performance added:
  • “Reduce waste to landfill at owned/operated facilities by 50 percent, based on a 2015 baseline year.
  • “Reduce water consumption at owned/operated facilities by 15 percent, based on a 2015 baseline year.
  • “Reduce energy consumption at owned/operated facilities by 20 percent, based on a 2015 baseline year.
  • “Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at owned/operated facilities by 20 percent, based on a 2015 baseline year.
  • “Grow women in director and above roles globally across all business areas to 50 percent.
  • “Increase U.S. annual hiring rate of minorities to 40 percent”.
The senior vice president of Hasbro’s “Global Government, Regulatory Affairs and Corporate Social Responsibility”, Kathrin Belliveau, said:
“Through our business, we recognize we have the opportunity—and responsibility—to make positive change in the world and leverage Hasbro brands as a catalyst for good. It has been five years since we established our global CSR practice, and I am very proud of the strides we have made to increase transparency, engage with stakeholders and strengthen our performance across a variety of important areas. We will continue to push ahead boldly and share our progress, as well as the lessons we’re learning along the way.”