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LIVESTRONG Cancer Programme Inspired Velo4Yellow Charity Event


Cyclists cycled in Velo4Yellow to support the fight against fatal cancer threats.

Dailycsr.com – 23 August 2016 – In the month of July 2016, the Gyros Cycling Club celebrated its fifth annual event of “Velo4Yellow ride” in order to support LIVESTRONG.
As many as four hundred fifteen riders took part in the latest charity ride event, whereby raising “$10,000” for helping the cancer programmes under LIVESTRONG. Likewise, within a span of five years, Velo4Yellow has contributed a total amount of “$30,000” for the cause.
In an interview, Velo4Yellow’s Dave Brown recounted his life story which was majorly affected by cancer, whereby Brown said:
“My father lost his battle with multiple myeloma in 2007. I was very young when my maternal grandmother died from lung cancer”.
Moreover, Brown also added the reason behind the special moments of this year’s Velo4Yellow event:
“I think the round of applause and cheers from the riders, at the start of each distance, when I thanked the riders for joining our 5th anniversary struck me. It seemed like an acknowledgement from the participants that we’ve done something worthwhile, and it is appreciated”.
In Brown’s words the trigger behind the Velo4Yellow:
“We wanted to give something back to the community. Several members of our cycling club, Raleigh Gyros, have been personally impacted by cancer. As a cycling group, we also wanted to give something back specifically for the local cycling community, and LIVESTRONG matched our interests from a cancer and cycling perspective”.
For Brown LIVESTRONG symbolises the zeal of never giving up in life, to hold stead fast to one’s belief no matter how tough the situation gets and to emerge from the same as a stronger person. Talking about the fundraising aspect through the charity event, Brown said:
“We don’t require fundraising for V4Y, we use proceeds from registration, along with miscellaneous donations to fund our contribution to LIVESTRONG. We really strive to make the ride more of an event, not just a charity bike ride. It’s a full day event and we work to make not only the ride fantastic, but the post ride too! That makes people want to come back, and also spread the word to help build the event, and more registrations means a larger contribution to LIVESTRONG”.