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LIHEAP Action Day Advocacy: Support for South Jersey Energy Assistance


Today marks LIHEAP Action Day, where our team is engaging with representatives on Capitol Hill to advocate for policies safeguarding funding for the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and bolstering support for vulnerable households in South Jersey.
What is LIHEAP?
LIHEAP, a federally funded initiative, aids low-income households in managing their home energy expenses. It's crucial to apply early, as LIHEAP operates on a first-come, first-served basis. Grants, which do not require repayment, can range up to $1,200 and are determined based on factors such as household income, fuel type, and dwelling situation. Eligibility extends to homeowners, renters, roomers, and tenants in subsidized housing, regardless of bill payment status.
South Jersey residents can access LIHEAP energy assistance via the Department of Community Affairs website, local LIHEAP Agencies, or by calling 800-510-3102. Additionally, a self-screening tool provided by the Department of Community Affairs assists residents in gauging their potential energy assistance benefits.
Further Assistance Available
We collaborate with customers encountering energy bill payment challenges, offering flexible payment arrangements and aiding in securing grants and support from various energy assistance programs. In 2023, we assisted over 37,000 customers in obtaining more than $50 million in energy assistance, including over $8.3 million from LIHEAP funds.
If LIHEAP criteria aren't met and energy bill difficulties persist, our Atlantic City Customer Care team is available at 800-642-3780 or atlanticcityelectric.com/EnergyAssistance.
Atlantic City Electric, a subsidiary of Exelon (Nasdaq: EXC), a Fortune 250 company and the nation’s largest utility, serves over 572,000 customers, delivering safe and reliable energy service to southern New Jersey.

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