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LG’s #Day1 Campaign Battles Stress With Happiness Skill


LG starts #Day1 initiative by “highlighting the six Sustainable Happiness Skills: mindfulness, human connection, positive outlook, purpose, generosity and gratitude”.

Dailycsr.com – 22 August 2019 – LG Electronics USA expands its “Life’s Good: Experience Happiness” project to “more schools” as the “2019-20” academic session seems to be underway. During this process, the company has also secured “a new partnership” which will the scientific principles to a “broader audience” so as to lead them to “happiness”.
Experience Happiness is an award-winning programme by LG which is covering more ground to reach over “1 million teens” through its “science of happiness skills” as the kids return to school. The said programme comes under a “five-year commitment” of LG for bringing “sustainable happiness to 5.5 million youth”.
LG presents with a solution for the students to deal with the anxiety and the excitement as well as the stress quotient that they face at school as it brings “together leading non-profits, scientists, educators and media partners to combat this anxiety by teaching teens the skills that lead to sustainable happiness.”. This initiative forms part of “Life’s Good: Experience Happiness initiative” of LG, while the company is expanding the programme to more schools, in an attempt to take “Project Happiness and Inner Explorer” to go beyond the classroom with the help of social media.
SoulPancake, an “award-winning media and entertainment company”, has entered in a “trailblazing” new partnership with LG wherein the former with reach out to additional “500,000 people” by this fall. In the words of the co-founder as well as the general manager of SoulPancake, Shabnam Mogharabi:
“When we developed ‘The Science of Happiness’ video series, we wanted to explore the psychology behind what makes us happy, while also showing how simple choices can manifest more positivity in your life and the lives of those around you. Partnering with LG brings new life to this classic SoulPancake series and helps spread a message of happiness that has the power to make a difference for teens and families across the country.”
For the first time, parents too can take part in this programme through social channels as LG launches a “unique back-to-school campaign called #Day1” for sharing “back-to-school stories” and for setting “goals for the new school year”. The Senior Vice-President of Marketing at LG Electronics USA, Dave VanderWaal said:
“With our partners, we’re pointing teens and parents towards resources to help them better manage and cope with that stress so everyone can enjoy Day One”.
Furthermore, VanderWaal urged:
“Take a picture as you (or your kids) are heading off and tell us what your goals are, what you’re looking forward to this year, what you’re grateful for as you’re getting started”. 
This way LG aims to reach “families in multiple ways”, as VanderWaal explains:
“With our new partner, SoulPancake, we’ll be exposing more people to the science around expressing gratitude as a way to be happier.”