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LG Bags EPA’s SMM Electronics Challenge Award


The “environment sustainability efforts” of LG was lauded as keystone efforts of the company towards electronics recycling.

Dailycsr.com – 18 May 2021 – LG Electronics USA has received recognition from the “U.S. Environmental Protection Agency”, in short EPA, for its role as a leader in “responsible electronics recycling” whereby the former was given the “highest-level recognition” under the “Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) Electronics Challenge” of EPA.
The “environment sustainability efforts” of LG was lauded as keystone efforts of the company towards electronics recycling as the chief executive officer of “LG Electronics North America”, Thomas Yoon was in all praise for the “EPA SMM Electronics Challenge program” and he added:
“By using certified third-party recyclers, we’re proud to help drive the use of environmentally protective practices”.
The Gold Tier Award of EPA honoured the “significant contributions” made by LG towards the “SMM Electronics Challenge goals” whereby the company collected “a substantial amount of used electronics” and recycled and reused the same, also the company gave out “100 percent of e-waste” to third-party certified recyclers besides “publicly sharing detailed information about its electronic management practices”.
EPA informs that LG was awarded the 2020 award for its efforts towards collecting and responsibly recycling “TVs, monitors and other electronics” altogether over twenty thousand tons. This step of diverting the above mentioned solid waste from reaching landfill meant that equivalent of more than “55,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions” was avoided. A noteworthy mention to be made is about the “Green Program Plus” of LG, a “sustainability management” programme aimed at improving the environment related performance in the supply chain. LG using “thousands of tons of recycled plastic” in its “refrigerator manufacturing process” is one such example.
Michael S. Regan, Administrator of EPA, declared the winners of “2020 Electronics Challenge” as “corporate role models” who with their new products demonstrate that “environmental improvement can go hand-in-hand with other technological advances”. Furthermore, Regan added:
“EPA encourages others to follow their lead by implementing similar innovative approaches.”
LG continues to fulfil its commitment of “responsible recycling” and has become the first “Global e-Stewards Enterprise” in the world. The “Basel Action Network” happens to be the “most rigorous certification” programme for electronics on a global scale, whereby it has developed the above mentioned “e-Stewards standard” which aims to prevent toxic electronic waste being exported and dumped in the developing countries. Besides it also protects data privacy while ensuring that the workers at recycling plants do not face exposure to “toxic materials”.
In the words of Yoon:
“Sustainability is a core business principle at LG Electronics, and we believe LG has a shared responsibility to protect the environment by reducing our environmental impact while enhancing the quality of life for consumers. We call this ‘Innovation for a Better Life,’ and it means both responsible recycling and developing innovative products with the environment in mind”.
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