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‘Korean War Veterans Memorial Foundation’s Memorial Fund’ Has Received Donation From Samsung Electronics For Its Maintenance


Samsung Electronics donates “$1,000,000” for the maintenance of ‘Korean War Veterans Memorial’.

Dailycsr.com – 12 October 2015 – Samsung Electronics made an announcement wherein it broke the news about making a donation to the “Maintenance Fund” of “Korean War Veterans Memorial Foundation”. The amount donated is “$1,000,000”.
The said announcement has been made a month in advance to the day that is being observed as the “Veterans Day” in the United States. This particular day is a tribute in remembrance of “the service and sacrifice” made by the “23 million living veterans” of the country.
The donation made by the Samsung Electronics’ will support the up-keeping expenses, whereby taking care of the “memorial grounds” in turn. The memorial ground has nineteen different sculptures that represent the “members of the U.S. Armed Forces” who were involved in the battle. Besides, it also has a “Memorial Wall”, that is covered with over “2,500 etched photos depicting personnel and scenes of the war”, while there is a “Pool of Remembrance” that salutes the ones who lost their lives, got wounded while the others who went “missing in action”. Samsung Electronics America’s executive vice president, Won-Kyong Kim informs:
“Over sixty years ago, millions of U.S. service members came to South Korea’s aid during the Korean War. More than one hundred thousand Americans were wounded and over 36,000 gave their lives in defense of freedom. Samsung remembers their sacrifice. That’s why Samsung is proud to support the Korean War Veterans Memorial Foundation’s Maintenance Fund, so that millions of visitors to Washington, D.C. also remember their defense of freedom.”
Over sixty years ago the United States of America “helped South Korea maintain its independence”, following the incident, the two country sought allegiance in “rebuilding the country”, whereby Samsung, a “rapidly growing company” then, came forward to participate in “re-development and industrialization of South Korea”. From then on, Samsung has been in a global partnership with the U.S. the extent of which spreads across various fields such as social, cultural, economic and political. The chairperson of the “Korean War Veterans Memorial Foundation” said:
“The Korean War Veterans Memorial is one of the most inspiring war memorials in our Nation’s Capital. This memorial serves to honor the veterans and those who made the supreme sacrifice in the war and with the generous donation from Samsung, we can be assured it will stand as a tribute and remain inspiring for decades to come”.
Amidst many prominent figures present in the announcement making ceremony, Charles Rangels, being “one of the few Korean War veterans currently serving in Congress”, expressed his gratitude:
"We know that the Korean people, as exemplified through Samsung, are saying: ‘We will not forget the sacrifice you made to allow us to play such an important role in the community and economics of the world.’”
While, Rep. Charles Rangel stated:
“Samsung and the appreciation of the Korean people for the United States’ role in the Korean War is a message for humankind, the world and for all who have endured any sacrifice. Samsung didn’t have to do this – but to those of us who still feel that Americans should at least know about those who served and sacrificed their lives in the Korean War, this kind gesture by a corporation is so well, and so emotionally, received.”