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Kinross Gold Corporation’s 2019 Sustainability Report On Its Responsible Mining And More


Nearly “$5.4 million” worth aid has been given to “host communities’ and governments’ COVID-19 response efforts” as Kinross’ contribution.

Dailycsr.com – 31 August 2020 – Kinross Gold Corporation has published its “2019 Sustainability Report” with the details of the company’s progress made in the last two years when it came to acting on its commitment of “responsible mining”.
According to 3BL Media, the highlights of the above mentioned reports are as follows:
“Putting People First – Health & Safety
  • “Achieved strong safety performance, recording the best two consecutive years of safety metrics in Kinross history. Injury frequency rates remained among the lowest in the industry, and on par with, or better than rates in low-risk, non-industrial sectors.
  • “Implemented rigorous and comprehensive measures to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and maintain business continuity and production at all operations.
“Generating Socio-Economic Value
  • “Continued to provide benefits to host countries with $3.2 billion spent in-country in 2019 through taxes, wages, procurement and community support.
  • “Maintained high levels of in-country employment, with over 98% of total workforce, and over 84% of management, from host countries.
  • “Sourced 83% of goods and services in-country, working with more than 7,000 suppliers globally.
  • “Supported community programs with over 630,000 beneficiaries.
“Managing our Environmental Footprint
  • “Recycled 76% of water at operating mine sites.
  • “Maintained one of the lowest greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions intensities per tonne of ore processed compared to peers in the gold sector.
  • “Maintained best-in-class tailings management standards and 27-year record of zero breaches at tailings facilities, with zero reportable incidents in the past two years.
“Ethical Conduct
  • “Advanced inclusion and diversity goals, with 33% female representation at the Board of Directors, increased percentage of female employees, and became a signatory to the BlackNorth Initiative to further address racism and discrimination. 
  • “Achieved 94% conformance against the World Gold Council’s Responsible Gold Mining Principles, which were established in September 2019, after completing self-assessment in July 2020.
  • “Recorded over 90,000 interactions with stakeholders in 2019, with overwhelmingly positive community stakeholder feedback.
  • “Maintained top-tier governance record, recognized by The Globe and Mail and the Board Shareholder Confidence Index of the Clarkson Centre for Business Ethics and Board Effectiveness.
  • “Recorded zero substantiated cases of corruption and human rights allegations.
Moreover, the report also talks about the company’s response towards COVID-19 pandemic as it gave priority to the safety and health of its “employees, their families and host communities”. The above mentioned protocols were delivered as per health authorities’ and medical experts’ advise, while “COVID-19 Task Force”, established in this year January acted as a guide.  Nearly “$5.4 million” worth aid has been given to “host communities’ and governments’ COVID-19 response efforts” as Kinross’ contribution.