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Kingfisher Helps Millions ‘To Create A Sustainable Future’


Kingfisher’s recent report shows the company’s journey so far to become a “net positive” business.

Dailycsr.com – 16 June 2018 – Kingfisher is a firm believer in creating a “good home” as the equivalent of creating a “sustainable home”. Taking this idea forward, the company has revealed its recent “sustainable growth plan” towards achieving a “net positive business by 2050”.
Moreover, Kingfisher has also set forth “sustainability targets for the next seven years” which is aligned with its 2050 goals. Through these steps the company wishes to deliver “lasting changes”, whereby shaping sustainability in a manner which “connects with customers” and address the “real concerns they have in their homes”.
However, the journey is not going to be easy for the company, as it has set forth “four big goals” challenging its “own operations”. Going an extra mile out, Kingfisher attempts to create an easy sustainable life for the customers.
Here are the four goals set by Kingfisher, as mentioned by Ethical Performance: “saving money by saving water and energy; living smarter by getting more from less, re-using or using longer; creating a healthier home and connecting with nature; and being part of a community that helps millions more people improve their home”.
The recent sustainability report of Kingfisher shows that the company has come a long way in “making sustainability the easy choice for its customers”. In the fiscal year of 2017-2018, “32%” of products sold by Kingfisher were sourced from “sustainable home products”. Here is a list of highlights from Kingfisher’s sustainability report, as mentioned by Ethical Performance:
  • Products and services that enable customers to achieve a 32% improvement in home energy efficiency and 45% improvement in water efficiency
  • 97% responsibly sourced wood and paper in its products and its work with the RSPB to help protect and restore the Harapan rainforest
  • Major strategic community partnerships launched with Shelter in the UK and the Red Cross in France, Poland and the UK to help more people have good homes
  • A 16% cut in Kingfisher’s absolute carbon footprint since 2010 and the launch of its first zero-energy Trade Counter store in the UK.
In the words of the chief executive of the “Forum for the Future”, Dr Sally Uren OBE:
“We all need and want homes and shelter, and by helping us make our homes sustainable, Kingfisher is enabling millions of people to do their bit to create a sustainable future.”