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KeyBank's $800,000 Investment: Advancing Justice with The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland


Presenting an Illuminated Route to Fairness: KeyBank's $800,000 Pledge to Advance The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland
In a resounding display of dedication to ensuring equal access to justice, KeyBank has proudly announced a significant investment of $800,000 in support of The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland. This impactful collaboration aims to enhance opportunities for meaningful involvement with the legal system, government entities, and most importantly, the concept of justice itself, particularly for individuals with limited financial means.
With a focused commitment to leveling the playing field within the legal arena, The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland stands as a steadfast advocate for fairness, providing essential legal services without economic barriers. Regardless of financial status, the organization champions cases that touch on fundamental essentials: protecting health, housing, safety, financial security, education, and the very essence of justice.
Kelly Lamirand, KeyBank's Market President and Commercial Sales Leader for Cleveland, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, "The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland serves as a transformative presence, positively impacting numerous lives in Northeast Ohio. At KeyBank, our dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion, especially for marginalized communities, aligns seamlessly with this remarkable organization. We are excited to stand alongside them, supporting their unwavering pursuit of racial justice, breaking down obstacles, and addressing the needs of our local clients."
Colleen Cotter, the Executive Director of The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland, warmly acknowledged the significance of KeyBank's generous contribution, stating, "Through this act of generosity, KeyBank vividly illustrates the strength of collective efforts in expanding the horizons of justice. This endowment serves as an investment in Legal Aid's forward-looking strategic plan and our relentless goal of better serving our invaluable client community."
Day after day, the accomplished attorneys at Legal Aid take on various roles, each exemplifying their dedication:
They serve as resolute representatives in courtrooms and administrative hearings.
They offer concise guidance through personalized consultations and accessible community legal clinics.
They disseminate legal knowledge and empowerment through informative sessions held in community hubs like public libraries and schools.
They passionately advocate for policies that spark positive change for those with modest incomes.
Throughout 2022, Legal Aid's profound influence reached 21,700 individuals, as they championed nearly 8,000 cases and further fortified countless others through extensive community legal education and outreach initiatives.
Since the inception of their partnership in 2005, KeyBank has remained a steadfast supporter of The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland, contributing a total of $1.35 million through this recent investment. Remarkably, KeyBank's legal experts have generously volunteered their expertise as pro bono champions, further highlighting their commitment to the cause.
This substantial contribution represents an extension of KeyBank's commendable dedication to Northeast Ohio, having invested over $1.8 billion since 2017 in community projects that uplift individuals and neighborhoods with low to moderate incomes. This crucial backing materializes through funding for affordable housing, small businesses, mortgages, and transformative philanthropic ventures.
In harmony with The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland, KeyBank navigates a brighter path towards justice, equity, and shared prosperity. This collaboration stands as a testament to the tremendous potential that arises when shared ideals of a fairer world are combined with determined action.