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Kentucky Auto Dealer Demonstrating The Force Of Dealerships


The honour of “2017 TIME Dealer of the Year” was bestowed on Swope representing “Kentucky Automobile Dealers Association”.

Dailycsr.com – 20 March 2017 – This year, Swope Toyota’s President in Elizabethtown, Carl Swope has been given the title of “2017 TIME Dealer of the Year”. There were a total of forty nine nominees coming from all over the country, whereby Swope was chosen and during the hundredth annual meet of “National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Convention & Exposition” that took place in New Orleans, Carl Swope was given the due recognition.
In a collaboration of the senior vice president as well as the general manager of “News and Luxury at Time Inc.”, Meredith Long and the Auto Finance’s president at Ally, Tim Russi, the names of the finalists were announced. In Russi’s words:
“Ally continues to be inspired by dealers around the country, their love for this business and the ways that they do right and give back to their communities. We are proud to honor all of this year’s finalists and the 2017 TIME Dealer of the Year, Carl Swope, who has contributed generously to important causes and organizations including Habitat for Humanity and the United Way.”
This marks the sixth year that Ally continues to be an “exclusive sponsor”, whereby it contributed an amount of “$1,000 to the charity of choice for each of the dealer nominees”, while it will also give “$10,000” to the winner. Moreover, all the “three finalists” along with ATAE will each be given a grant of “$5,000”.
Swope represented the “Kentucky Automobile Dealers Association” in the country level competition which was sponsored by “TIME in association with Ally, and in cooperation with NADA”. In Swope’s words:
“I have realized how powerful a force our dealerships can be if I encourage and support all of our leadership and associates to get involved. Together, we are making Elizabethtown and the central Kentucky region a better place.”