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Kansas State Parks Offer ‘Free Admission’ To Celebrate ‘Healthy Trails Adventure Day’


Kansas state parks encourages a healthy way of living through outdoor activities.

Dailycsr.com – 01 October 2016 – On the 1st of October 2016, Kansas celebrated “Healthy Trails Adventure Day”, in association with “Park & Tourism partner”, Kansas’ Wildlife Department, “Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas”, whereby all the twenty six state parks of Kansas provided free admission.
Exploring outdoor park trails provides health benefits besides taking care of your well-being. Moreover, the trails of Kansas State Parks have turned out to be a fun way for “healthy fresh-air exercise”, wherein one can either go biking, hiking, horse riding or even kayaking. These activities not only make you “happier”, it also creates “family memories” to cherish forever which is accompanied by a good health and as a by product enhances longevity.
The Chief Executive Officer as well as the President of BCBSKS, Andrew C. Corbin, stated:
“As a nearly lifelong Kansan, I have had the opportunity to explore many of our beautiful state parks with my family and friends, and know first-hand the array of trails our state parks offer for hiking, biking, running or horseback riding. In my role as president of Blue Cross, I also know how important it is for Kansans to be more physically active in order to live longer, healthier and less stressful lives.”
Altogether, the state parks at Kansas cover “32,200 acres of land”, around two hundred eighty miles of roads, five hundred miles trail stretches along with ten thousand camp-sites including “utility hookups and cabins, and access to more than 130,000 surface-acres of water”. While, the Secretary of “Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism”, Robin Jennison, adds:
“Connecting with nature offers healthy benefits for the mind, body, and soul. Our Kansas State Parks offer unique terrain, amazing trails, and scenic landscapes for everyone to enjoy. We’re pleased that for a second year, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas has chosen the Kansas State Parks to serve as the centerpiece of this campaign. Thank you Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas for your commitment to promote a healthy lifestyle to your members and all Kansans.”
In an attempt to encourage “healthy outdoor activity to children”, BCBSKS came up with a colouring sketch book which features illustrations highlighting the map, locations, trails, and the “outdoor activities” conducted in all the twenty six state parks of Kansas. Moreover, it also provides information about the “parks and educational tips”.