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Journeying To ‘The Healing Tree’ To Heal Paediatric Burns


Ideas that Matter winners receive a “$50,000 grant” from Sappi North America for developing and implementing “The Healing Tree” programme.

Dailycsr.com – 21 January 2019 – Sappi North America has kept it focus on “Ideas that Matter” through its CSR efforts for nearly twenty years. The latter supports the designers’ work creating “print communications” to address “complex social issues”, whereby becoming “an important participant in the design for social good movement”.
Celebrating the “17th annual Ideas that Matter program”, Sappi North America recognised a student’ team from the “ArtCenter College of Design” and awarded the candidates with a “$50,000 grant” as an encouragement to develop and implement “The Healing Tree: The Safe Niño’s Project”.
The said project provided support to a non-profit treat centre based out of Chile’s Santiago, namely COANIQUEM which “treats thousands of pediatric burn survivors” and offers “therapy, education, and housing” for the children as well as their families. Describing the project, Sappi North America informed that:
“The project is a comprehensive system of design and paper elements that transformed the treatment center into a magical land where patients go on a journey to find The Healing Tree. It included the development of a 30-page storybook, patient passport system and environmental graphics to guide these individuals through their burn treatment plans”.
In this journey, the patients are accompanied by various animal characters as well as two storybook characters, Camilla and Lucas. The “storybook’s elements” are contextualised through a series of ten “custom-made activity booklets”, which is then used as a means to fun and simple activities to engage the patients into their “healing process”. The animals meet the two characters, Camilla and Lucas, as the patient moves from one treatment department to another, as each of the animals represent “a different treatment department”.
Visiting a new department means the children receive an “activity booklet” which are “collected into a passport holder that has an empty tree on the cover, meant to be stamped with new leaves upon a visit to each department”. Moreover, with the certain number of leaves amassed on their booklet, the children are encouraged through toy gifts. While, Sappi North America added:
“The environmental graphics developed for the center help expand the storybook’s world. Two of the main treatment hallways and several therapy rooms depict scenes from the storybook by using a strategically developed wayfi nding system and the friendly characters from The Healing Tree”.