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Journey from Intern to Software Engineer at GoDaddy: Jenny Luong’s Story


I’m Jenny Luong, a Software Development Engineer based in Sacramento, California. When I’m not working, I enjoy outdoor activities with my family. Before joining GoDaddy as a full-time employee, I was an intern here, a journey that began with my participation in the Ada Developer’s Academy.

This program included a six-month software development bootcamp and a five-month internship. Prior to this, I was an Occupational Therapist in the healthcare sector. The transition to a new career has been challenging but rewarding. At GoDaddy, I’m part of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) team, and it’s exciting to contribute to a highly visible page that runs numerous experiments.
The highlight of my internship at GoDaddy was the warm welcome from my team. They made sure I had access to the code base and our team repositories within the first few days. I valued being part of the team’s sprints and workflow instead of being assigned to a separate project.
Starting full-time at GoDaddy was exciting because of the supportive and collaborative work environment. This positive atmosphere extends beyond my immediate team. It’s also gratifying to work on products used by people I know who run their own businesses.
To future interns, my advice is: Don’t hesitate to ask questions!
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