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Join Duke Energy’s Solar Program and Contribute to Florida’s Forest Restoration


Duke Energy Florida, in partnership with One Tree Planted, has launched a new initiative that allows customers to participate in the Clean Energy Connection community solar program. This initiative not only promotes the use of clean energy but also aids in the restoration of one of Florida’s most cherished state forests.

The program enables Duke Energy Florida customers to subscribe to solar power and receive credits on their electricity bills, eliminating the need for personal installation or maintenance of rooftop panels. Furthermore, for each kilowatt subscribed by a residential customer before November 15, Duke Energy Florida will collaborate with One Tree Planted to plant a tree in the Lake Wales Ridge State Forest located in Polk County.

“At Duke Energy Florida, we are committed to delivering a cleaner, brighter energy future for our customers, communities and the environment,” said Melissa Seixas, Duke Energy Florida state president. “By working with agencies like One Tree Planted, we are able to deliver on that commitment and provide customers with an opportunity to support renewable energy and protect Florida’s environment.”

In collaboration with One Tree Planted, two types of pines, namely longleaf pines and South Florida slash pines, will be planted at two locations within the state forest. This initiative is anticipated to enhance recreational experiences and improve the soil and water conditions for the local flora and fauna. Customers who sign up before November 15 will contribute to the planting of over 7,000 trees, which is already being done on behalf of the existing subscribers of the company.

The Lake Wales Ridge State Forest is a sanctuary for several threatened and endangered species such as the Florida scrub-jay, gopher tortoise, papery Whitlow-wort, Florida blazing star, and cutthroat grass.

Here’s how the community solar program operates:
Customers can subscribe to a share of solar energy from the company’s Clean Energy Connection solar portfolio. The monthly subscription fee contributes to the construction and operation costs of the renewable energy centers and is conveniently added to the customer’s regular electricity bill. In return, customers receive a subscription credit that corresponds to their share of energy produced by the solar centers in a given month. This credit is calculated by multiplying their share of energy with the subscription credit rate, which starts to increase annually after three continuous years of subscription in the program.

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