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Johnson & Johnson To March Steadily On Its Coming Five Years’ Sustainability Goals


Johnson & Johnson shares its new sustainability goals while celebrating the success of its old commitments.

Johnson & Johnson To March Steadily On Its Coming Five Years’ Sustainability Goals
Dailycsr.com – 12 August 2016 – The aspiration of the Company of Johnson & Johnson is to bring improvement in the “health in everything they do, and everywhere they go”. Keeping the said aim in mind, Johnson & Johnson announced their “Citizenship & Sustainability 2020 Goals”, whereby the company will be helping more people to lead “healthier lives”.
Johnson & Johnson plans to achieve the same through their products, besides inculcating “good habits” and generating similar ideas over the period of coming five years. Moreover, the said new set of goals that will be targeted to achieve in the next five years’ span, Johnson & Johnson also shared their results related to their last five years’ goals through “Healthy Future 2015”, which were established in the year of 2010.
According to the report, Johnson & Johnson scored a seventy percent success in its “far-reaching Healthy Future 2015 goals”. Here is a list of ‘topline’ results from Johnson & Johnson’s “2015 Citizenship & Sustainability report”:
  • Exceeded goal of increasing on-site renewable and clean-technology energy capacity to 50 megawatts with 54 megawatts either installed or in progress
  • Far exceeded goal of 60 Earthwards® recognized products with 80 products
  • HIV medicines are now made available in more than 100 countries either at special-effort or reduced pricing, provided local regulatory systems allow import prior to registration
  • Met goal of achieving WHO prequalification for several of their products that address diseases of the developing world
  • Nearly achieved goal (98 percent) of having all strategic suppliers publicly report sustainability goals
As per Ethicalperformance:
“Johnson & Johnson’s new set of Citizenship & Sustainability 2020 Goals represents a shift in how the company measures impact. Johnson & Johnson is changing the way it looks at key citizenship and sustainability issues to focus more on material impacts, as opposed to simply targeting incremental reductions or improvements year over year”.
In order to view the entire Citizenship & Sustainability report of Johnson & Johnson for the year of 2015, kindly visit:
While, the further details about the “Citizenship & Sustainability 2020 Goals” of Johnson & Johnson are available at: