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Job Central: Comprehensive Employment Support for Low-Income Individuals in Westchester County


The inauguration of Job Central, a new establishment aimed at enhancing job readiness and facilitating employment services for the unemployed and underemployed in Westchester County, was celebrated by the staff, clients, supporters, and community partners of Lifting Up Westchester (LUW).

This initiative was made feasible by a two-year, $200,000 community impact grant from KeyBank Foundation, which was announced in November 2022. The grant facilitated the renovation of the premises at 148 Hamilton Avenue in White Plains, recruitment of personnel, establishment of employment partnerships, and collaboration with the Department of Social Services and other social welfare organizations to reach out to specific populations. The center aims to support approximately 175 unemployed and significantly under-employed individuals during the two-year funding period.
A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on Wednesday, October 18th, led by Anahaita Kotval, Chief Executive Officer of Lifting Up Westchester. The event served as an introduction to the center and expressed gratitude to KeyBank for their collaboration.
Anahaita Kotval expressed her excitement about the opening of Job Central as it enables LUW to extend their employment services to a wider segment of the Westchester community. She acknowledged that this comes at a time when employers are finding it difficult to locate suitable candidates. Job Central is designed to help community members who are eager to work but face obstacles in securing and retaining employment. She expressed her gratitude to KeyBank for supporting their mission and aiding them in their efforts to alleviate poverty.
The event also featured speeches from Willa Brody, Chief Operating Officer of LUW, Debbie Hertz, Director of Strategic Programs, Paulette Madianitti, Job Central Manager, and John Manginelli, KeyBank Market President.

“KeyBank is thrilled to see Job Central open its doors to the Westchester community and proud to be a partner in bringing it to fruition,” he said.

“Earning a living wage is essential to an individual’s and family’s financial health and self-sufficiency, and we are committed to supporting organizations who are breaking down employment barriers that hinder many of our unemployed and underemployed neighbors.”
Job Central, an initiative by Lifting Up Westchester, is designed to support individuals with extremely low income and those who are Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed (ALICE). These individuals often encounter unique obstacles to stable employment and wage progression. Job Central plans to adopt a holistic approach in offering job readiness and skills training, personalized job coaching, job placement services, and other resources to help individuals secure jobs that provide a living wage and opportunities for advancement.
The program is intended to supplement existing employment programs in Westchester County. It also aims to address the significant barriers faced by extremely low-income individuals, such as lack of access to computers and appropriate attire for interviews. By doing so, Job Central hopes to establish a centralized hub for services that are typically obtained through multiple agencies.