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JetBlue Airways To Head Florida With Its ‘Soar With Reading Program’


Thanks to JetBlue’s initiative, children in “book desert” areas can now read books without shelling out anything.

Dailycsr.com – 14 September 2016 – JetBlue has completed a “successful summer in Detriot” through its “Soar with Reading program”, which distributes books free of cost to children, especially the ones belonging to “needy” neighbourhoods through vending machines.
The same initiative is set to move towards “Fort Lauderdale, Florida” in the coming summer season. The destination’s name closely followed the occasion wherein JetBlue won the “#BookBattle online voting competition” in the last month. The vending programme of books without any cost to children is targeted in areas termed as “book deserts”.
Moreover, JetBlue Airways also reports that:
“The vending machines also help combat the “summer slide,” a term Susan B. Neuman, professor of literacy development and early childhood at New York University, describes as occurring when children do not have reading resources readily available during their summer break”.