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Jennings’ On Increasing Rescue Training Demand


Companies “can’t rely solely on the emergency services”.

Dailycsr.com – 22 August 2016 – The Eurosafe Solutions provides training for working at height, whereby the firm reports that over the span last twelve months there has been a noticeable increment “in demand for its rescue services” which came equally from the contractors as well as the “public sector organisations”.
Explaining the reason behind the huge demand for the rescue training, the Eurosafe Solutions’ training manager, Andy Jennings, said:
“This rise in demand is largely due to companies recognising that they can’t rely solely on the emergency services, as outlined in HSE guidance, but also because they are taking a responsible approach to ensuring the welfare of employees and contractors.
"Fall protection equipment is designed to arrest a fall, but what happens next could be fatal if an individual and their colleagues do not receive appropriate rescue training.
"One thing that is certain – our rescue training can save lives.”