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JSP Gives A Financial Helping Hand To Lighthouse Club Helpline


For the maintenance and operation of construction industry’s helpline, JSP contributes generously.

Dailycsr.com – 24 May 2016 – In a proud announcement, the JSP Company revealed that it was giving out “more than £16,000” as a donation to the Lighthouse Club. The latter is a charity that financially supports the “construction industry”, whereby the money is used to maintain the “Construction Industry Helpline”.
The helpline of JSP, a range of “Lighthouse” safety products that were launched in the month of April 2015 were the recipient of JSP’s benevolent gesture. Moreover, this also showcases the “exclusive partnership” that exists between the Lighthouse Club and JSP.
A portion of every product sold in the selected range in the UK market goes to “worthwhile charity” through the donation JSP Company.