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JSP Donates Towards ‘Construction Industry Helpline’


The sale of JSP’s “Lighthouse range” products adds to “valuable charity”.

Dailycsr.com – 27 June 2017 – The Lighthouse Club received a donation of “£12,785” from JSP, whereby the latter raised the fund by selling its safety products under the “Lighthouse range”. JSP contributes to Lighthouse Club charity every time a product is sold in the U.K. under the “selected range”.
The donation fund will go into the promotion as well as in support of the “Construction Industry Helpline”, whereby the industry-workforce as well as their families receives “confidential support and advice” in regard to various problematic issues they face. These areas of consultancies range from “occupational health and wellbeing, mental health” to “financial difficulties caused by accident, illness or bereavement”.
In the words of JSP’s Chief Executive Officer, Mark Johnstone:
“We hope that with continued backing of the construction industry specifying Lighthouse Range PPE, JSP will continue to support the valuable work Lighthouse Helpline does within our industry.”