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Italy-based Costa Cruises collaborates with Winnow to fight food wastage


Streamlining food production in kitchens has gone hi-tech: it not only is a successful money saving solution, it is also a fun way to reduce environmental footprint and with the participation of guests in the process makes it all the more meaningful and jovial as well.

Dailycsr.com - 20 September 2017 - In efforts aimed at extending its deep commitments to sustainability and continuous development, Costa Cruises is set to join Winnow in fighting food wastage.
The Italy-based Costa, a pioneer in the global cruise industry which is famous for its Italian-style holidays, will be joining Carnival Corporation & plc, the world’s largest cruise company, in its focus on providing an excellent dining experience while, at the same time, invest in reducing food losses from its production sites, whose ultimate aim is to minimise wastage.
Joining this effort is Winnow, a tech company whose mission is to help the hospitality industry tackle avoidable food waste by providing chefs and their staff with creative ways to run a more efficient operation.
"Costa Cruises finds in Winnow a key partner that allows a 360-degree implementation of a sustainable approach to reducing food losses during the preparation process,” said Stefania Lallai, Sustainability and External Relations Director, Costa Crociere.
She goes on to add, “The partnership is in line with our commitment to offer the best dining experience to our guests. Winnow has a crucial role in the mapping and revision of processes on board, as well as in the evolution and development of our food service system. We truly believe that together with Winnow we have the potential to change the culture in our kitchens, transforming the way the cruise line sector prepares food forever.”
The primary lab in which this project will take place is Costa Diadema, Costa’s flagship. Upon successful completion it will be implemented on all Costa’s ships in Asia and Europe.
“Costa Cruises immediately saw that Winnow could help them cut food waste in their kitchens and understood the benefit to the planet as well,” said Marc Zornes, CEO and co-founder of Winnow. Tackling food waste is a huge opportunity for the sector and with the right tools can be transformative for the entire cruise line industry. We are inspired by Costa Cruises’ vision and are excited to support them in leading the industry on the issue of food waste.” 
Costa Cruises is an Italian company that is part of Carnival Corporation & plc, the largest cruise group in the world. For 69 years, ships across Costa’s fleet have been providing authentic Italian hospitality and Italian-style holidays, replete with fine wines, exquisite food, along with a unique shopping experiences which provides a range of selection of famous Italian brands, across seas around the world.
Currently Costa has 15 ships in its fleet, all of which fly the Italian flag. Being alive to the planet’s needs, Costa is set to receive two liquefied natural gas (LNG) powered next generation ships in 2019 and 2021.
LNG is slated to be the “cleanest” fossil fuel in the world.
This is in line with Costa Cruises strategy of sustainable development while paying great attention to boosting nutrition and minimizing wastage in food production.
In recent year, with Costa implementing highly effective measures against food production wastage aboard its ships, they will undergo further development with the aim of involving the ship’s guests in these efforts.
Winnow is a tech company that facilitates chefs to measure, monitor and significantly reduce food wastage in the kitchen with its cutting edge technology.
Kitchens which use Winno’s technology know exactly what they are putting in their bins: the company’s kitchen team through a touch screen tablet can identify what is being thrown away, an electronic weighing scale then records the weight of the wastage while providing the cost of the food that is being put in the bin.
This process provides the chef with all the necessary information that are required to streamline the food production process, as a result, there is significant savings and at the same time a reduction in the environmental footprint.
The entire process enables chefs to make better decisions, engages the kitchen’s staff positively and provides them with a clear focus by setting targets.
While designing the system, Winnow has kept it simple and yet intuitive, especially keeping in view a busy kitchen.