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Interview with Aflec’s long term president - Chloe Baley


She'd started at the company in 1998 as a vice president in charge of payroll administration, policyholder administration, and new business operations. By the end of her tenure, she had left an imprint that had resulted in 65 percent of Aflac's 5,700 employees being women and nearly 50 percent being people of color.

“When you see me ‘tweeting,’ it’s because I’ll say [to my team], ‘Oh, tweet this for me.’ Or I’ll be like, ‘Send me any viral tweets or anything you think I should respond to or you know I’d want to. Send it my way because you know I won’t see it,'” she said.

Fans frequently criticize the 24-year-old for being 'too sexy,' and she is frequently compared to her sister, Halle.

“I love all social media, and I love Twitter as well, but that’s where you can see all the negative things about you directly in your face,” she explained. “If I see my name trending, I’d click it and see a whole plethora of negative tweets about myself. I don’t need to do that to myself.”

The actress most recently appeared in Donald Glover's Swarm as Marissa Jackson. She had a steamy sex scene with Damson Idris, which trended on social media and drew criticism from commenters. Bailey also addressed comments about her role in the series during the interview, saying she was "laughing about it" and "proud of her performance."

While she can laugh in some situations, Bailey admitted that she isn't immune to the effects of constant negative comments online, which she said took a toll after a while.

“I feel that when you continue to be fed the same thing, you’ll start to believe it. And I started changing myself based off what I thought people’s opinions were of me. And that’s not okay,” she said to ET.

However, the Have Mercy singer is still active on social media and enjoys interacting with fans.

 “I just let it go,” said Chloe . “So, I’m still actively, all the time, on Instagram. And Discord. I still love communicating with the fans, so I talk to them a lot in our chats on Discord. That’s the little nerd in me. I love Discord. I like Discord a lot.”