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International Paper and GFN ramp up food security midst growing food crisis


Grants from the duo have helped support food banks in many countries across the globe.

In a statement International Paper and the Global FoodBanking Network (GFN) said, their multi-year investment partnership to support food bank capacity building in Europe and Latin America is progressing well on their chosen path.

Thanks to their support, food banks in Poland, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Spain, Italy, and Chile can now improve their food recovery and redistribution programs in order to reach more people in need.

Their grants have significantly helped many who had invested in the community.

Case in point: in Mexico, a partner created a school breakfast program that helps 200 children. Thanks to the grants they were able to give each child a backpack of stuff every 15 days. Similarly, in Canada, where the focus was more on summer when school meal programs do not exist, students in all provinces and territories across the country were able to receive nutritious prepackaged food packages. In Spain, the partnership managed to serve 1.35 million people, distributing 172 million kilograms of food to around 7,500 community groups.
IP Assistance in Poland helped the food bank's efforts by paying for staff, transportation and operating expenses.

Grants to IP partners in Chile not only helped fund more staff, technology and logistics, but also helped distribute 1,500 tons of fruits and vegetables to 1,733 community organizations serving 348,674 people.

In Italy, more than 100,000 tons of food were collected and distributed to 7,583 partner charities that helped more than 1,660,000 people across the country. A big thank you to the IP staff and partners in the Global FoodBanking Network who are working to meet critical needs in our communities.