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Intel’s 40 Years Of Manufacturing In Arizona


Intel powers global digital infrastructure connecting the world and advancing through invention even battling through the “unprecedented challenges of 2020”.

Dailycsr.com – 12 October 2020 – On October 2, 2020, the “National Manufacturing Day”, the chief executive officer of Intel, Bob Swan, acknowledged Intel’s celebrating forty years of “manufacturing in Arizona” which has grown in scale over the period.
Intel’s first “silicon wafers” line was produced in October 1980 at “Fab 6 in Chandler” which set off the course of “Intel’s largest manufacturing sites”. Forty years later, Arizona houses nearly twelve thousand “brightest minds” working with Intel and defining “the future of technology”. Intel powers global digital infrastructure connecting the world and advancing through invention even battling through the “unprecedented challenges of 2020”.
Moreover, Intel has also opened its “newest, leading-edge manufacturing facility” at “Fab 42 in Ocotillo”, Arizona, informs the C.E.O. whereby culminating a “$7 billion investment” aimed at creating “new high-tech, high-wage jobs at Intel” which hired “engineers, equipment technicians” among others. Furthermore, Swan described:
“The project was among the biggest construction efforts in the U.S. and helped create about 10,000 new Arizona jobs from start to finish. Fab 42 connects to three other Intel fabrication plants, making the site our first mega-factory network. It manufactures our newest generation of leadership products, which will power hundreds of millions of computing devices worldwide”.
The importance of manufacturing goes beyond “essential products” delivery and strengthens communities in turn. Intel’s capital investment at Arizona touches nearly “$23 billion” while the manufacturing units generate an annual amount of “$8.3 billion” whereby contributing to the economy of the state. In the words of Intel’s chief executive officer:
“Caring for the communities where we operate has always been important to us. I’m proud to say that over the past five years, Intel employees have volunteered more than 700,000 hours at Arizona schools and nonprofits where we’ve donated some $33.8 million. Just recently, we announced the contribution of critical technology and resources to Title 1 schools in seven Arizona school districts that have been significantly affected by the global pandemic”.
Intel has also maintained its focus on “environmental sustainability” which is the foundation of creating a future of technology in Arizona; as a result the company has invested in “on-site renewable energy, green buildings, and water conservation and restoration”, informed Swan.
In addressing the issues of “extended drought, climate change and overallocation” faced by the Southwest, Intel recognises the importance of effective management of water supply which will play a vital role in securing a “continued growth and economic security” for the state. Talking about Intel’s contribution in this line, the C.E.O mentioned that the company financed “a dozen water restoration projects” which roughly restores “800 million gallons of water” annually. Moreover, the “new Fab 42” site of Intel comes with its “most ambitious on-site water recycling facility”.
Additionally, there is a requirement of honing the talent of the next generation through training in order to keep the manufacturing industry thriving. Therefore, Intel hires from local universities, schools and strengthens them in turn. Talking about this Intel’s work in this line, the C.E.O said:
“This year, we helped Maricopa County Community College District launch the first Intel-designed artificial intelligence (AI) associate degree program in the United States. We strongly believe AI technology should be shaped by scientists with diverse experiences and backgrounds. This program has the potential to diversify AI while expanding access to high-demand technical skills”.