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Innovative ‘Wastewater Treatment Plant Is Part Of The Fabric Of The Community’


At Sechelt, Tetra Tech helps the community to create the first of its kind sustainable model of wastewater treatment.

Dailycsr.com – 01 January 2018 – Serving as a “model for sustainable, innovative, and cost-effective wastewater treatment” for small communities, British Columbia sports a water-reuse plant which is a “cutting-edge” technology provided by Tetra Tech “engineer services”.
The population growth in the “District of Sechelt in British Columbia” resulted in “higher demand” including a replacement of “two aging wastewater treatment plants” in the locality for meeting the demand capacity with quality as the old ones could not cope effectively with residuals, while created “significant noise” besides the odour that permeated the air around.
After facing an investment issue for replacing the aging units, the District of Sechelt decided to refurbish both the plants to create “a single, new plant” capable of pushing beyond the limit of “simply meeting regulatory requirements” of providing “a sustainable, LEED Gold-targeted facility” which left room for future expansion.
Thinking on a different note, the community plans on meeting “indirect reuse water quality standards” in a plant that would maximise “social, environmental, and financial value” besides containing the noise and odour level within a limit. The said the project was carried out under the supervision of “owner’s engineer services” from Tetra Tech.
The involvement of Tetra Tech is seen in “pre-design document reviews”, as well as in the development of “design-build request for proposal (RFP) documents”. Furthermore, the company also chipped in the management of the “procurement process and execution”. Among other roles of the company, there are “design development support, construction administration, and commissioning support” to note.
Tetra Tech informs:
“Our team created a comprehensive operations and maintenance reporting spreadsheet that captured all anticipated costs to the community. The selected design-build team was contractually required to meet the guaranteed performance throughout the entire project, documenting it through the Tetra Tech-created spreadsheet, to ensure the new plant met the community’s goals”.
The “Sechelt Water Resource Centre” of North America proves to the first plant in the country that uses the “Organica Fed Batch Reactor process” and acquires “exceptional water quality with a small footprint that includes allowance for future expansion”.
Describing the facility and its surrounding, Tetra Tech added:
“The wastewater treatment plant is part of the fabric of the community, with the system disguised as a greenhouse and botanical garden between residential areas and the Sechelt Marsh nature reserve. The site surrounding the plant is slated to be transformed into a public park where residents are free to observe the bioreactors. The building includes a public meeting room that supports educational tours and community events”.