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Innovation Centre Brings The U.S. Agro-Industry Bodies Together To Initiate A Sustainable Approach To Food


The dairies and business units of the U.S. come together to create a sustainable food supply chain through Innovation Centre forum.

Innovation Centre Brings The U.S. Agro-Industry Bodies Together To Initiate A Sustainable Approach To Food
Dailycsr.com – 25 October 2015 – The dairy farms and the business agricultural units of the United States have aligned their commitments whereby they are working together to ensure that people of the U.S are provided with “the nutritious dairy products” of their choice.
Moreover, the supply chain of agro-industry will work towards uplifting of dairy industry performance in various sectors such as “social, economic and environmental”. In the year of 2014, partnerships were formed to address the issue of food production that involved “farm to table to community” approach.
By sharing individual knowledge and action on a common platform, the partnerships were able to attend to “complex interconnections” that lay in the various steps of food chain and relates to “nutrition and health, economics and the environment” oriented issues.
Below are highlights of the United States’ “Dairy Sustainability Report” of 2014 as mentioned by ethicalperformance forum:
  • Developed and released the Biogas Opportunities Roadmap in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. The Roadmap outlines voluntary strategies to reduce methane emissions and develop a robust biogas industry, including anaerobic digester systems that co-digest dairy cow manure and food waste.
  • Donated 283,000 gallons of milk – and its 9 essential nutrients – to hungry families across the country through the Great American Milk Drive, a collaborative effort with Feeding America.
  • Promoted food recovery as an important approach for addressing hunger, safeguarding the environment and reducing costs.
  • Renewed partnership with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to promote widespread dairy industry adoption of innovative, environmentally sustainable solutions as well as incremental improvements in existing dairy practices and technologies.
  • Released a white paper as part of the multiyear Sustainable Food for the 21st Century project that shares the insights of 52 thought leaders and experts about how to achieve a sustainable food production system by the year 2050.
The report has been released along with “an interactive infographic” which summarises the range of data that has been published in the “five annual sustainability reports” of the Innovation Centre.
The Vice President of the communication sector, Laura Mandell can be contacted for further any information regarding the “sustainability efforts” made at the Innovation Centre at:
The Innovation Centre forum provides a common hub for the United States’ Dairies to come together as part of the dairy industry of the country and work in unison rising beyond competition to “address barriers and foster innovation”.
Furthermore, the forum is responsible for aligning the “collective resources of the industry” in order to offer “nutritious” ingredients and products fresh from the dairy to the consumers. It is an indirect method of promoting “health of people” who form the communities at large and consequently inspire a healthy planet.