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Ingersoll Reaps Environmental Benefits As Its Energy Efficiency Score Rises


Replacement of old lighting systems has made Ingersoll Rang more energy efficient, sustainable and environment friendly.

Dailycsr.com – 12 February 2018 – The Club Car plant of Ingersoll Rand situated in Georgia, Augusta has been fitted with LED lights that are “energy-efficient”, whereby as the “team members” enter the building, the lights sense their movements and “start turning on section by section”. Similarly, when people “leave an area”, the sensitive LEDs dim down in order to “save energy” and after thirty minutes of no movements, they “turn off entirely”.
After exchanging the “high-bay fluorescent” lights that were present at the “360,000-square-foot” facility at Augusta with the LED that could be programmed, Ingersoll Rand witnessed a reduction of 20% energy usage in the facility within the “first half of 2017”. In the word of Club Car’s Senior Environmental, Safety and Health Technician, Nathan Luke:
“The lighting upgrade posed a significant upfront cost, but we had a good business case: the energy savings will pay for the upgrade in three years’ time. Based on the numbers we’re getting now, it looks like we’re going to exceed that goal.”
Additionally, this green step also cuts down on landfill waste for the LEDs have a longer lifespan of around twelve years, while the fluorescent ones last for around “2.7 years” only. Once the LEDs reach the end of their life cycle, they can be “recycled with other electronic waste”. Furthermore, neither do they need to be handled specially nor do they have to be disposed off “through a separate trash provider”.
Amid other energy efficiency ventures of Ingersoll Rand, its warehouse of “New Vidalia” can be counted as its lighting paid the company back only in a year’s time. The said warehouse is situated around hundred miles south of Augusta, wherein the company is upgrading the “fluorescent lighting” fittings with LED ones. While, Ingersoll Rand reported that:
“Across town, the Residential HVAC & Supply warehouse is already reaping the benefits of new LED lighting installed earlier this year”.
In its new addition, the warehouse holds “268 LEDs”, while in a recent replacement, the warehouse took down the fluorescent lightings to install “617 LEDs and occupancy sensors”. Similarly, Ingersoll Rang also upgraded its lighting systems in its “manufacturing facility” situated in Brazil’s Curitiba. The facility earlier has metal vapour lamps which almost neared the end of their life span. It is at this juncture that the company thought of replacing them with “364 energy-efficient LED lights.
The said changed enable the facility to spend 79% of less energy in lighting, whereby, the Operations Director of the plant, Maurício Jacobs said:
“Not only are the new lights about 400 percent more energy-efficient, but they also last five times longer than the old ones and don’t contain any toxins. They also improve our work environment by casting better quality light, making it easier and safer for our team members to do their jobs.”
Talking about the benefits of the LED lightings, one can also add that they are more practical as often turning them on and off do not affect their “lifespan or light emission” like it does in metal vapour lamps. Moreover, the latter also takes sometime for emitting its “full brightness” after they are turned on.