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Individuals companies and governments should play more constructive role in energy resilience: Schneider Electric


The demand-side in the energy market needs urgent attention given the significant opportunity costs; it is a powerful lever that deserves more attention.

Schneider Electric, the leader in energy management along with Automation Today announced a rally for individuals, companies and governments to wake up to the constructive role that they can play in building an energy-resilient future.

“Weaning the world off fossil fuels is essential, but it will take time – and time is running out when it comes to climate change.,” said Gwenaelle Avice-Huet, Schneider Electric’s Chief Strategy and Sustainability Officer while adding, “The good news is that there are solutions we can leverage today. In particular, there’s much more we can do to optimize how energy is consumed in the first place. This demand-side of the energy equation is a powerful lever, and one that deserves much more action and attention than it is currently getting.”

Speaking ahead of the NYC Climate Week 2022, Ms. Avice-Huet said companies, including Schneider Electric, are participating in the September 19 to 25 event, which will bring together influential climate action leaders from the business, government and the climate community to advance action and awareness on climate change.

This event takes place in the backdrop of a dramatically chaotic global energy landscape where surging energy prices have made it clear that the energy transition must relate to society as well as the environment and address the uneven and often severe economic consequences of the crisis.

“Energy insecurity is a global and growing reality we can’t ignore,” said Ms Avice-Huet, “As an impact company we’re acutely aware that we’re not here to simply raise the alert on the issues, but that we need to deploy our insights and know-how to deliver actual solutions and bring everyone along the path to sustainability.”

Schneider Electric launched its Sustainability Lab in 2020 to increase its contribution to the climate and energy debate.

The Institute's report provides valuable insights and policy recommendations on the untapped potential of electrification, digitization, efficiency and circularity. The research team has expanded significantly since its inception and regularly works with external research partners and influencers such as the World Green Building Council and BloombergNEF.

Schneider Electric is widely recognized as an environmental, social and governance (ESG) leader and advocate.

During this summer, the company reaffirmed its commitment to be net zero across the entire value chain by 2050. It is one of the first organizations in the world to be endorsed by the Science-Based Objectives Initiative (SBTi).

Schneider products, software and services help customers and partners accelerate their decarbonization efforts and become more resilient. The company will announce a series of innovations for efficiency and sustainability at its annual customer and partner event Innovation Summit World Tour, which begins on October 12.