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Increase Your Water Intake To Increase Your Productivity


Drinking more water is a healthy habit that comes with various health benefits that can boost the work productivity.

Dailycsr.com – 17 June 2016 – A simple secret to improve the productivity at work is to ‘drink more water’.
The human body needs water as one of the “most basic things”. Water is the key element in preventing “dehydration” that drains energy and leads to fatigue. Proper hydration will retain the energy level of the employees so that they can concentrate in improving their performance. In fact proves to be beneficial to “a host of health” issues like “improving skin and kidney function” among others.
Below are mentioned “three easy ways” for incorporating an increased water intake in your daily work schedule.
Take a water break
Instead of taking coffee or tea breaks, take your water break to “gossip or discuss last night’s TV shows” or “the latest spoilers on interoffice chat”. The out-dated “cooler conversation” needs to brought back into the office environment. Therefore, to begin with make “sure you have a water cooler”.  As the next step, “make a date to meet at the water cooler to fill your water bottle. Making the break something to look forward to will get your team more hydrated in no time”.
Replace one daily beverage with plain water
No matter what soft drinks or other beverages are taken by you and your employees, introduce them to exchange one of their routine beverage intake with just plain water, just way one can ensure less calorie intake. Consequently, sugar consumption will be reduced, for “too much” of it “can lead to obesity and diabetes”. Any caffeine or sugary drink gives “a quick burst of energy” resulting in a “crash soon after”. On the other hand, water boosts energy level and prevents any such crash.
Hold Drinking Water Challenges
It is always fun to grow in a group through healthy challenges. Therefore, hosting a competition of drinking water “will promote both team-building and health”. However, the competition can be made on a long term basis that turns into a healthy habit, for this instead of competing to find out “who can drink the most water, it might be best to see who can hit a specified goal”, for example: drinking “2 liters a day is a challenging but reasonable goal for most”. And make sure the winner gets “a healthy prize”.