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In An Attempt To Unlock ‘The Full Potential Of A Circular Economy In Great Britain’ Coca Cola Introduced ‘Deposit Return Scheme’


The DRS initiative of Coca Cola seeks to improve recycling, optimise renewable use, and opening a way towards circular economy.

Dailycsr.com – 27 March 2017 – The Coca Cola of Great Britain started an initiative on a trial basis, whereby in Scotland, it issued a “deposit return scheme” or DRS which has been designed well. The plan of the scheme bases itself on the beverage company’s more than twenty years of recycling works along with its investments on “renewable packaging material”.
The company reported that it chose Scotland as its trial spot because there “the conversation” had already gone begun. As per the consumer research sixty percent of the ones involved in a survey showed their support towards the “introduction of a DRS in the UK”, while the other fifty one percent consider they would likely “recycle as a result”.
The DRS come under the “sustainable packaging strategy” of the company that is being reviewed and holds a “goal” of creating “a circular economy”. One of the spokesperson of the company said:
“We’ve made significant progress to improve the sustainability of our packaging in recent years. For instance, all our bottles and cans are 100% recyclable. We’ve also reduced the amount of material we use, making our packs as light as possible and we are committed to increasing the amount of recycled and renewable material in our plastic bottles from 25% to 40% by 2020.
“We believe that we can go further. That’s why we have embarked on a major review of our sustainable packaging strategy to understand what role we can play in unlocking the full potential of a circular economy in Great Britain. Since the start of the year, we have been consulting with expert organisations, NGOs and policymakers. We are focused on our packaging, the role of our brands and the ways we can collaborate with others to improve recycling rates and reduce litter.
“Our sustainable packaging review is ongoing, but it’s already clear from our conversations with experts that the time is right to trial new interventions such as a well-designed deposit return scheme for drinks containers, starting in Scotland where conversations are underway.
“We’ve also been talking to and listening to our consumers and know two thirds (63%) of them support the introduction of a deposit return system in the UK, and half (51%) say they’d be more likely to recycle as a result. From our experience elsewhere in Europe, we know that deposit schemes can work if they are developed as part of an overall strategy on the circular economy, in collaboration with all industry stakeholders. We are open to exploring any well-thought-through initiative that has the potential to increase recycling and reduce litter.
“We expect to publish the results of the review and our new sustainable packaging strategy in the summer and remain fully committed to finding new ways to minimise the materials we use; reduce waste; and work with others to improve recycling rates across Great Britain.”