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‘Impact On The Community’ Will Be Yard-Stick For United Way Of South-eastern Michigan’s Success


The FCA and the United Way of South-eastern Michigan set to achieve their “ambitious” goal.

Dailycsr.com – 12 September 2016 – In order to celebrate the impact of the plans made by the United Way of Southeastern Michigan, which will be executed over the course of coming two years, hundreds of families came together in Detroit last week to dine.
While, the Chief Executive Officer of “Fiat Chrysler Automobiles” and the “new United Way Campaign Chair Sergio Marchionne”, announced that the campaign called “It Takes a Family” will be featured as the “theme and backdrop” which will promote the fund raising of “$100 million”. The money thus collected will go to finance the “key initiatives around United Way’s Early Development, Healthy Kids, College and Career Pathways and Basic Needs programs”. Marchionne remarked:
“We will judge the success of our efforts only based on the impact they will have on thousands of families in southeastern Michigan”.
The FCA along with its employees at Detroit as well as all over the country, like various organisations, contribute their time and labour to the “local United Way organizations”. In fact, during the course of the campaign, FCA will demonstrate how the employees echo the C.E.O’s “commitment and challenge”.
Talking about the social impact of the fund raised during the “It Takes a Family” campaign, Marchionne, said:
“The true yardstick for success will be our impact on the community; our ability to create real, concrete, effective and measurable results that contribute to a deep and long-lasting change.
“Change that ensures all citizens in need can get back on their feet and remain self-sufficient.
“Change that helps put all children on an educational path for lifelong success.
“Change that moves us forward, improving both individual lives and the quality of our community”.