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IWBI Recognised By ‘Third Party Influence Award’


“InsideOut Mental Health Awards” chose IWBI as winner out of 160 entries under SME category.

Dailycsr.com – 30 March 2021 – The “International WELL Building Institute”, in short IWBI, won the “InsideOut Mental Health Awards”, the latter recognises individuals as well as organisations working to “celebrate mental health”.
IWBI received the “Third Party Influence Award” which is given to the ones who “has best influenced mental health beyond its own walls” whereby touching upon “supply chain” or even the “client base”. IWBI received the said recognition as SME, meaning “small and medium enterprise”. On the other hand, the Bank of England was the winner of the same titles “as a large company”.
There were more than “160 overall entries for the awards” which was judged by a diverse panel made up of “thought leaders” from the industry as well as young people with experience who brought in “fresh perspectives”. The award attempts to break the stigma around the notions attached with mental health and encourage the “creation of mentally healthy workplaces”. In the words of the President as well as the Chief Executive Officer of IWBI, Rachel Hodgdon:
“We are incredibly honored and delighted to be recognized as an InsideOut Mental Health Award recipient. This award is a testament to the power of WELL to transform organizations across the globe by equipping them to support and encourage compassionate, forward-thinking workplace communities where every individual has the opportunity to thrive.”
IWBI offers “cutting-edge WELL Building Standard”, promoting “health-focused building standard” which is accepted across the globe. The said standards have been developed over a decade and have received backing from “latest scientific research”. According to IWBI’s press release:”
The WELL Mind concept addresses the intersection between the office environment, a place where most people spend over one-third of their waking hours, and mental well-being. When well-designed and planned, a high-performing organizational environment has the potential to address ailments such as stress, depression and isolation, while maximizing human potential through positive settings that improve creativity, focus, recuperation and community support. Mind underscores the ways in which buildings can be tools to enhance mental health and happiness by offering evidence-grounded design and policy strategies that can help transform an organization’s environment and culture”.
While, the “concept lead” of “IWBI Mind”, Emily Winer Suresky added:
“The strategies embedded within WELL, and in the Mind concept in particular, have the potential to positively shape the short- and long-term mental health and well-being of individuals who spend their days in WELL spaces around the world. We’re grateful for the contributions from members of our Mind Advisory, a group of experts and thought leaders who help support this important concept.”