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IRONKIDS’s ‘Augusta Fun Run’ Supported By The UnitedHealthcare To Introduces A New Push Towards Healthy Life-Style


In order to fight obesity and to encourage healthy life-style, IRONKIDS in collaboration with the UnitedHealthcare, introduces the first ever “Augusta Fun Run”.

Dailycsr.com – 26 September 2015 – UnitedHealthcare organises the first ever “IRONKIDS® Augusta Fun Run” on the 26th September 2015, wherein nearly two hundred participants were observed. The event took place at the “Augusta Convention Centre”. The fun run arranged by the UnitedHealthcare was inaugurated by its “mascot” Dr. Health E. Hound who was accompanied by UnitedHealthcare’s Christopher.
Interestingly, the young athletes local of Georgia, who were between the age of three to fifteen, had the privilege running “along portions of the IRONMAN® 70.3® Augusta course” which took place the following day. Thanks to IRONKIDS Georgia hosted the first ever “1-mile and ¼-mile tracks” offered to the “physically challenged youth athletes”. Moreover, fifty members of “Boys & Girls Clubs” situated at Augusta could avail free admissions to the race in as a token of encouragement. In Jocelyn Chisholm Carter’s words:
“The IRONKIDS fun runs give our community the opportunity to have fun together, and begin their day being active and healthy. Walking and running are exercises everyone can do to maintain a healthful lifestyle. UnitedHealthcare is grateful for the opportunity to partner with IRONMAN to help children in our community live healthier lives.”
UnitedHealthcare has been supporting the efforts of IRONKIDS for the last three years, which fits into its commitments towards helping to put an end in the growing trend of “childhood obesity through healthy lifestyles”. This year, the series of IRONKIDS 2015 in support of the UnitedHealthcare held “nine one-mile fun runs and a dip-and-dash”.  The chief sales officer at IRONMAN, Carola Ross commented:
“We are thrilled to have a partner in UnitedHealthcare to sponsor these youth events as part of our IRONMAN series. The opportunity the IRONKIDS fun runs offer young athletes is tremendous, as these races can be the catalyst for a lifetime of exercise and healthy living.”
Ever since the year of 1980, the issue of obesity in adolescents and children became prominent and today the number has tripled from then, whereby almost “one in every three children” turns out to be “overweight or obese”, claims “the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention”.
There are greater chances for the children belonging to the “low-income and low-education households” to fall prey of the obesity related health hazards almost three times more. Consequently, they are in triple-fold risk of developing “diabetes, heart disease and many cancers”, informs the America’s Health Rankings® which issues “an annual comprehensive assessment of the nation’s health on a state-by-state basis”. Likewise, Georgia holds the “33rd” rank in the country for having “30 percent of adults and nearly 13 percent of youth” obesity.
BusinessWire writes about IRONKIDS:
“After being acquired from the Sara Lee Corporation, which owned the event series since 1985, IRONKIDS® launched in 2009 with nine events in the IRONKIDS® National Triathlon Series. Since the inaugural year, IRONKIDS® has seen more than 60,000 participants and has grown to more than 60 events worldwide including races in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and North America. The brand represents a multi-dimensional approach to creating positive experiences for athletes, families and communities, as well as embodies achievement and determination while fostering self-esteem. The IRONKIDS® mission is to inspire and motivate through the sport to live an active, positive and healthy lifestyle”.