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IEMA’s Chief Policy Advisor Thinks Government Needs To Embrace ‘Progressive’ Environmental Policies


Following Brexit, UK’s ‘environment and sustainability professionals’ look at the future with ‘uncertainty’.

Dailycsr.com – 06 August 2016 – As per the members of IEMA, being a part of EU would have been “good” for Britain’s business and environment. In fact, there was a “real concern” of the “environment and climate policy” losing their effects as a follow up of Brexit. As a result, the chief policy advisor at IEMA, Martin Baxter, writes:
“Environment and sustainability professionals will now look to the future with some sense of uncertainty.
“It is therefore essential that the government gives a commitment that, in negotiating the terms of the UK’s exit from the EU, an equivalent or enhanced level of environmental protection and climate policy will be implemented here in the UK”.
Government needs to come up with “progressive policies” if UK’s future direction is to “transition to a low carbon, resource efficient and sustainable economy”, capable of delivering “real social value over the long-term”. In order to meet “long-term sustainability challenges”, government needs to embrace “transformational change” which could in turn provide “a much-needed boost to UK jobs and productivity”.
Moreover, Baxter adds:
“An immediate test of the Government’s commitment to environment and sustainability lies in the adoption of the UK’s Fifth Carbon Budget.  We urge the Government to adopt the independent Committee on Climate Change recommendation for a 57% emissions reduction, giving a clear and positive signal of its long-term environmental commitment”.
The commitment of IEMA ensures that decision making information take into account “environment and sustainability” angle, whereby it provides “leadership and support” towards the same direction.