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IBM SkillsBuild is transforming education and workforce with free tech skills


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Dr. Nehemiah Mabry welcomes Lydia Logan, IBM’s Global Education and Workforce Development Vice President, to the STEMedia podcast for a conversation about the future of education and the workforce. She shares some of the current challenges in the industry, such as the gap between skills and jobs, and the need for a skills-first approach.
IBM is leading the way in innovation and offering free education opportunities to underserved communities, preparing learners with tech skills, such as AI and cyber, for success in this digital age. Lydia also gives her perspective on the role of STEM education in light of recent AI developments.
She discusses the need for diverse talent and IBM’s goal to skill 30 million people worldwide by 2030 through its free education program, IBM SkillsBuild. IBM SkillsBuild is an online platform that helps adult learners, high school and university students, and faculty, acquire new skills and access career opportunities. The platform provides over 1,000 courses in 20 languages on AI, cybersecurity, data analysis, cloud computing, and many other technical disciplines - as well as workplace skills such as design thinking. Moreover, participants can earn digital credentials branded by IBM that are valued by the market.
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