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Humana Recounts The Story of Its Purpose Driven Community Engagements


Humana involves with the local communities to find their “purpose together”.

Dailycsr.com – 07 October 2018 – One of Humana’s way to improve its members’ health is to discover the purpose of working together, because purpose gives direction to life while connection with the local communities improves well-being.
“Humana Charity Crafters” is a group of “Humana members” that gathers on a bimonthly basis and designs hats among “other crafts” for the benefit of “their community”. The hats made by the Charity Crafters is given to the “local cancer patients”, whereby the organisation shares in the community’s “sense of purpose” which results in strong bond creation which encourages “each other towards their best health”.
Recently alone, Humana published its “2016-2017 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report” which provides a detailed picture of the organisation’s efforts made towards becoming a “good corporate citizen”. In an attempt to breathe life into Humana’s “Healthy People, Healthy Planet, Healthy Performance” efforts, the organisation came out with “a series of videos” that underscores its CSR work towards improving “health and well-being”. Moreover, through the videos the “Humana Charity Crafters share the importance of finding their purpose, giving back to their community and connecting to each other”.