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How Juan Marquez Became a Successful McDonald’s Franchisee


A lifelong career with McDonald’s Juan Marquez, a McDonald’s Franchisee with three restaurants in Portland, has always had a knack for finding the next opportunity. But it’s his passion and commitment that have fueled his journey with McDonald’s, from a 16-year-old crew member to a successful business owner.
The story begins Juan was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, and moved to the U.S. when he was only 5 years old – thanks to his father’s hard work as a migrant farm worker in fields across the West Coast. Juan got his first job at a McDonald’s restaurant in Pico Rivera, California, when he was 16 and worked there throughout high school and college. As he started his own family, Juan’s aspirations kept growing. He became an Assistant Manager and then a Store Manager before taking a business consultant role in the Rocky Mountain region – his first big move with McDonald’s Corporate.
The opportunities kept coming: He moved to Arizona to be a bilingual consultant and later a director of operations for a local Franchisee. Juan then became a franchise business partner in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas before taking the opportunity to lead McDelivery efforts for the Long Beach Field Office.
“The possibilities at McDonald's are endless,” said Juan. “I’ve never been bored because there are so many avenues to pursue within the company. I have mentors in marketing, finance and operations who have shown me that the next opportunity is always there if you know where to look.”
Achieving the American dream After nearly 30 years with McDonald’s, Juan was ready to become a Franchisee and own part of the business. He jumped into the selection and training process in late 2021 - a year he calls the hardest but most fulfilling of his career. From in-restaurant trainings to online courses at Hamburger University and guidance from experienced Franchisees, this program covers all aspects of owning and running
McDonald’s restaurants so that new Franchisees are prepared for success. Around the same time, McDonald’s announced its plan to increase global ownership opportunities for new talent from all backgrounds, committing $250 million in alternative financing options over five years to aspiring U.S. Franchisees facing socio-economic challenges. As of the end of 2022, new Franchisees took advantage of more than $50 million in alternative financing – including Juan, who used this resource to buy a trio of restaurants in Portland, Oregon, one year ago.
The next generation Just like his father did for him and his siblings, Juan is hopeful that his hard work will create a lasting legacy for his daughters and grandchildren. And now that he’s achieved his dream of becoming a Franchisee, he has a new goal in mind: growing his organization to own 10 McDonald’s restaurants. Despite all of his success, Juan still sees himself in his youngest crew members. He takes the time to help them find their next opportunity, whether it’s through improving English speaking and writing with English Under the Arches or pursuing a high school diploma or college degree through Archways to Opportunity.
“I always tell people that you can get whatever you want from McDonald’s – whether you want to be in the restaurant or build a career in technology, marketing or HR,” said Juan. “The sky’s the limit.”
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