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Highlighting The ‘Innovative Partnership With Arts’


Learn about the corporate bodies that recognize the value of art and use them for the growth of their respective companies as well as the communities around them.

Dailycsr.com – 23 November 2017 – The Private Sector Initiatives’ vice president, Emily Peck, wrote on the “CECP Insights Blog” that the month of October has been marked as the “National Arts and Humanities Month”.
In celebrating this month, all the thirty one days were dedicated to the “role the arts and culture play” to transform the communities of the Americas. In recognition of the contribution made by the corporate communities in “advancing arts”, the “Americans for the Arts” has introduced an annual awards, namely the “BCA 10 awards”, wherein judging on the “innovative partnership with arts” ten businesses are nominated for the same.
Even though, varying in sizes and coming from different location, all the selected business commonly “share a passion for engaging with the arts” in a way that advances “their companies and communities”. In Peck’s words the ten companies that grabbed the lime light on October 11, 2017, “are worthy of recognition”. However, she also added:
“…from our work around the country, we know that they are not alone and that there is increased engagement from the business community in support of the arts. That is why it is not surprising to see that Giving in Numbers: 2017 Edition produced by CECP, in partnership with The Conference Board, showed an increase in arts funding from the corporate community between 2014 and 2016”.
As mentioned by Peck, the results are in line with Private Sector Initiatives’ “Business Contributions to the Arts” which is a collaboration between Private Sector Initiatives and the The Conference Board. This partnership, says Peck, “also showed that businesses understand the value of the arts”.
Furthermore, Peck said:
“According to the Business Contributions to the Arts survey, more than half of companies (53%) support the arts because they stimulate creative thinking and problem solving. Cardinal Health based in Ohio and one of the 2017 BCA 10 honorees, integrates arts experiences into the work experience”.
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