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Hershey Provides Food To Indian ‘Midday Meal Scheme’ For Children


Hershey’s pilot programme aims to provide added nutritional needs to children in India.

Dailycsr.com - 29 February 2020 -There are nearly “146 million undernourished children” across the globe, while over a third of them live in India. In an attempt to address the issue of hunger in children, from the year of 2016, The Hershey Company has partnered with Annamrita, the latter is the largest organisation to provide food for “the Midday Meal Scheme in India”.
In 2018, Annamrita with the support of Hershey supplied lunches to school whereby reaching out to over “6,400 children” in the state of Maharashtra. Moreover, in the same year Hershey advanced its “nutrition-focused collaboration with Annamrita, IIT-Bombay and Sion Hospital”. All the partners came together to explore the variety of food items present in the lunch menu could “enhance the existing school lunch program” while providing the children with “the added nourishment” they require at their growing age.
Under the same initiative, in 2018, the partners carried out a “baseline assessment of the nutritional status of children aged six to 17” for which they visited “four urban schools in underserved areas of Mumbai”, Maharashtra. As of now, all the three partners are working to come up with the right snack options which will “address the nutritional needs of the children as identified by the research study”. Talking about the goal of the programme, Hershey wrote:
“Our goal is to reach more than 400 children through the pilot program”.
The story has been published in the “2018 Sustainability Report” of Hershey. For downloading the entire report, kindly click on the link provided below: